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Thursday, October 19, 2006


My office-mate listens to Rush Limbaugh everyday between the hours of 11 & 2. I hadn't noticed what she was listening to before today. Now it's impossible to ignore.

The first day I worked here she told me that she's a brahmin. Well, this adds some serious doubt as to the poor lady having any luck of becoming a cow.

Note to self: pack extra set of headphones tonight.


Anonymous j cubed said...

Yeah, I was impressed the first time somebody told me they were a brahmin, but then I realized it's only the brahmins that have the money to come to America for me to run into them.

Also, I would point out that it's impossible to listen to talk radio and get any actual work done at the same time, so besides being an uneducated selfish cunt, your coworker is also an unproductive fuck.

2:03 PM

Blogger Grampa said...

Man, I hope she comes back as a cow. I'll slap that bitch on the BBQ and throw down.

2:47 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

No. No. No!

3:06 PM

Blogger Wook said...

Headphones? How about a frying pan, a saw, and one of those large, heavy-duty trash bags for the body. It's a bitch getting it out of the building without one.

12:07 AM


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