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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 3

Since tonight's a busy night, there'll be no time to post at home. So while I wait for a grant that needs to go in tonight I'll update you on the fingernail situation. Yes, you heard right....tonight. I think I might have a heart attack. No just kidding, but I did have an allergic reaction to something either eaten or in the air today. Yeah, it was pretty gross. My lips swelled up & I got really really itchy & I got all rashy. So I drank a lot of water & now I don't itch as much.

Might as well face it, you're allergic to work!

Guess what came in handy? MY LONG FINGERNAILS!!! It felt great. Scratching away. And you know what else happened today? I ran into my crush. Yeah, I can totally still have crushes with a boyfriend. Plus, he's married. Anyhow, he's this really cute & nice doctor that I work with who calls me 'boss'. Ha ha! HE calling ME boss? That's rich.

Who's the Boss?

So I waved at him with my long fingernails. Wonder if he noticed. Probably not because by that time I had a rash & he was probably more concerned with that but you never know.

Oop! Just got the call. Gotta go.


Anonymous jessica said...

today in class i saw a guy who had "tonight cut nails" written on the top of his hand in ink.

11:31 PM

Anonymous mandy said...

thanks a lot, now i have 'addicted to love' stuck in my head.

9:13 AM

Blogger Homeperm said...

i have the exact same crush at work. who knew there were two of them? it is great though, ahe.

11:29 PM


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