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Monday, November 13, 2006

The First Things I Noticed About You

Hey, you know how I went to Scotland like a million years ago? Yeah, well, sorry about not continuing with that story. There were some mishaps with my computer & the interwebs & humungous storms frying my power adapter thingy. Anyhow, tonight is a special night. The interwebs are cooperating, playing the Damien Shingleton Winter Mix & blogging at the same time. Woah! What an amazing, overpriced machine! I felt inspired. And since it's too late to be practicing fluting, blogging it is. You know, because actually writing in my writing book is entirely too much effort.

And away we go.

Last I left off we were leaving Edinburgh, hungover from the Jazz Bar & having a fantastic night with Marion & Alan, for Glasgow, which we'd been told totally sucked ass. Guess what? Everybody lied.


Glasgow was cool as hell. We walked around the streets & saw the closest being to Quasimoto on the earth & his band on the street. And they were good. Like, really good. Woahzers! More importantly, the next day we left for our hike. We planned this as an important part of the vacation. This would prove the men from the boys & reinforce that I'm a complete sissy girl. Side note: when my parents told me to stay off of a severely broken big toe & I didn't listen because it was the middle of gymnastics season I totally should have listened...the fucker was the most pain of the trip, probably because it was set crooked....supergross! So for all of the kids out there (or their parents) please, stay off of a broken bone. It will come back to haunt you in your later years.

The first night we spent at The Bridge of Orchy. This lovely town & bunkhouse (really, the town was the hotel & bunkhouse. 'so we want some dinner where should we go?' 'well, there's a place about 7 miles from here or here'. Despite slushy muscles from an all-day bus ride we opted for the restaurant in the hotel. Yum yum yum yum. Oh my goodness, was there ever a better steak with a garlic butter sauce over what can only be described as a hash-brown pie piece? The

And off we went.

There's really no way to describe it. The highlands are beautiful. But they don't let their beauty show in photography. We covered 35 miles in 3 days. Each day the scenery changed. First heather-covered rolling munros. Then more drastic ups & downs. And finally, forest so dense that light was barely visible through the branches. We ate well & slept soundly (other than the night in the haunted hotel, really). I tried haggis for my first time & realized that it just tastes like corn beef hash (bleck!). Black pudding was disgusting. Scotch was amazing. The third town that we stayed in had a bank (there were no banks up until this point). It stayed open from 11-4 on Thursdays. That same town had a grocery store with signs in both English & Gaelic. The whole time I was enchanted with the experience & enjoyed every moment of it. There really are too many pictures & stories to tell.

So it just was. And I understood what Jaimie was talking about.

Next up: London. Oh shit.


Anonymous kermit said...

so you're telling us you didn't eat any haggis?
what kind of a trip to scotland is that, huh?

10:45 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Hey Kermit, just revised the post a little bit. Now it answers your question.

2:44 PM

Blogger J-Mo said...

Pictures rarely do that country side any justice.

I always look at my pics from Ireland thinking that very same thing.

3:27 PM

Anonymous kermit said...

thank you. now it truly is a post about scotland. i'm not sure i feel about the way haggis tastes.

(also, note that i refrained from asking whether any kilts were worn and if indeed the country is underwear-optional. considering that it's colder there, it probably shouldn't be, but i digress.)

hope henry & george are well and missed you.

1:47 AM

Anonymous kermit said...


the above should read thusly:

i am not sure i feel the same way as you about the way haggis tastes. granted, i watched it being made, and it wasn't scottish (or a scottish recipe), but it still tasted like dried blood to me no matter how many spices you drowned it in.

1:50 AM

Blogger Conti said...

Beatiful Butterfly, there.

2:19 PM

Blogger kermit said...

re: "didn't think" cartoon
it's from (the wife of the toothpaste for dinner guy).

everything chicago-related is up in the air right now because of family obligations and suchlike, but i'm hoping it'll happen christmas 2007, barring any unforseen calamity.

when plans petrify, i will email you obviously.

7:19 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

Haggis and Scotch and a beautiful country side... cheers!

1:59 PM

Anonymous elginroots said...

i thought i had commented. hm. anyway i'm just bursting w/ jealousy. i still want to see the photos in person though.

4:05 PM


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