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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Henry Putting Out Fires


Blogger Sun Follower said...

Wow - fearless feline! One of mine once burned his tail walking across the coffee table with a buring candle on it...

10:55 AM

Blogger Marisa said...

I can't believe you captured that on "film"! Too funny.

Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving -- and if you watch the parade tomorrow make sure to wave when I skate by!

10:44 PM

Blogger J-Mo said...

That's Awesome!

12:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with cats and shiny/glowing moving things?

12:09 AM

Blogger Conti said...

Haha, nice. The cutest cat pic I've seen since visiting Ajax's.

8:25 PM

Anonymous elginroots said...

too adorable! and what type of bobble head is in the background?

12:29 PM


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