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Monday, January 29, 2007

The New Blogger, the New Me or something

What's going on? I'm so confused by this New Blogger thing. It's like Dorothy Sbornak's wardrobe. You think maybe that it makes sense but no, it really doesn't. It's just a big ol' mess of too much going on without any sort of semblence of logic.

Shoulder pads are not flattering on anyone...just ask my mom, she had a terrible run with them in the 80s!

Watching The Golden Girls on Friday was my goal for the day. Yes, they are on at midnight here in the great (& currently fucking freezing) city of Chicago on the Lifetime television channel. Television for women! I was hell-bent on getting my January 29 deadline out of the way so that I could have a relatively normal weekend & didn't have to spend the whole time in the office like most of the last few weekends. I walked out of work a little after 11 p.m., hair stuck to my face with the tears that streamed down my face 4 hours earlier & a vengence in my soul that could only be cured by a shot of tequila & a 6-pack to go, the knowledge that I got it done & the ability to partake in the super-ballet class without the feeling of guilt that I had so much more to do.

You see, we had 2nd quarter projections due and since no one was around during the 1st quarter, the 1st quarter projections didn't get done so it was up to myself & wonderful coworker (really, she's awesome & we've totally gotten each other through these the last few weeks) to pull up our big girl pants & get it all done. Wait, wasn't there another Rush Limbaugh-listening coworker, you may be asking. Yes, there was. She quit a month & a half ago. So despite having my own professors' projections done, lovely coworker & I had to do hers. As well as all of the grants that her profs planned to & are planning to send out. Honestly, though, the grant part turned out quite well, since I get to interact with some wonderful people.

If I ever see the girl who quit in the midst of everything again, I'm gonna bonk her on the head like a whack-a-mole until she understands the headache that I've had for the last 2 weeks.

But they're done!!!! Those insanely irrirtating & time-consuming projections stand complete for the time being. And I feel a bit like a medical resident or first year law school student...exhausted, bumbling & underappreciated (well, very appreciated by my boss & big boss but the big big fish all went home at 5 everyday & still imposed this terrible deadline on us & that's just demotivating considering that a big part of this mess was their's & we cleaned it up). Except that in 3 years I won't be making anywhere near 100k/year so I guess I'm on the losing end of the stick in that respect.

I have a life again. And I saw a little bit of daylight on my way home today. And got to go to the grocery store without running through to 'the store will be closing in 10 minutes' hoping that dinner won't take more than 15 minutes to make & eat. And I'm pretty sure that my blood pressure's gone down considerably.

When 'you don't look so good', 'oh yeah, well I got home last night at 10:30 & I get here between 8:30 & 9 so what is it that you need me to do?' is a regular conversation with coworkers & you're secretly wishing that you had the excuse of a child to get out of the office but not because you want a kid but just want to go home for over 12 hours, you know that you're working too much & have turned into a complete bitch.

But this big bitch got all of her work done on Friday night & DID step it up on Saturday morning, despite essential delirium, long-winded conversations in my brain about good ol' Dorothy's wardrobe & thinking that yes, Strong Medicine is a really good show despite inebriation. I took the low level advanced ballet class from a Hubbard Street teacher & did a damn good job, had a great time & promised myself that I would never let 4+ weeks go by again without indulging in enjoying myself by pointing my toes & putting my hips in unnatural positions.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The A Team

Yeah, so guess what happened tonight?

I was asked to go to a ballet class with the ballet A Teamers! It may not sound like a lot but it is. These girls have been dancing since they were like 3 & I started about 2 and a half years ago. It's awesome. And I feel so loved. Like I fit into this close-knit ballet dancer group or something. But then I thought, maybe I'm just that girl that they inivite along who would make them look better & to make a fool out of me & then laugh. And then I came to grips & realized that it's not high school anymore & people don't act like that.

Speaking of which...

Wanna know what's great about your late 20s? Working your fucking ass off. Wait, no, that's not it. It's that for some cosmic reason old friends come out of the woodwork & surprise you with their coolness. And you become friends again. Case in point: the Flying Buttress.

She & I are friends from way back. Like back in 7th grade. And then in high school she was in the cool crowd & I got really dorky & awkward. But we were still friends. But then college came & we lost touch. Guess what? We're friends again. Who woulda known?

And from that (well, I guess before that because I started talking again to more people from my mysterious & questionable past about a year or so ago), I actually had the nerve to get in touch with people from long ago.

You know what? The people who I thought were pretty awesome are still pretty awesome.

And we're all working our asses off. So we're all exhausted & learning how to budget time & figure out priorities. Oh. And we all like to go out & act like juveniles. So we have stuff in common again.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leg muscle revolt

So I had something clever to write, but it's escaped me. Shocking.

I did like 15756738 fondues last night. No, not like I dipped bread into cheese or chocolate (we'll get into that later). But these terrible plie extention things that I'm convinced that Allyson made me do in order to kill me. And it didn't help that Physics John & I made a plan to swim today.

Bastard resolutions.

So I've decided to have a 1st Birthday party for the Georgie Big Balls & Fat Henry, complete with chocolate fountain & all. Yeah, that's right. Chocolate fountain. And I was all stoked about it but then Schmale asked where the nacho cheese fountain would be & I felt bewildered. Oh shit. Nacho cheese fountain? I didn't think that people would notice that a nacho cheese fountain wouldn't be there since a chocolate fountain would be. SHIT!

But nacho cheese is beyond my abilities so the guests will have to deal with pouring chocolate over strawberries & poundcake. I feel like such a light-weight, asshole hostess (mmmm...pies). Whatever, more chocolate for me!

In other news, I was asked to join the circus this last weekend. Sweet! No, seriously, this dude asked after I was talking about trapezing. The jury's still out on that one.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Quick Quiz

Please let me know about your feelings towards a 1st birthday party for cats. Granted, the focus of the party wouldn't be cats, rather eating good food & drinking. But the cake would have a kitty on it. Hypothetically, of course.

Would you attend?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cleaning out the pipes....but not in the porno way

Happy New Year! Yay! New Year! Yay! This the year that my birthday will be 07/07/07. Woot! Party time! (okay this is really sad when I have to schedule party time 6 months in advance) Despite a deep abhoration/ition (shit, I got cut out of the spelling bee in the first round) for resolutions, I bit the bullet & made some this year.

New year, new me!

So I figured, well, may as well improve my life in one way, you know? But then the ball started rolling & there are like 5 resolutions. And then I came back to my original resolution......par down & quit doing so much stuff. Simple enough, right?


Last week I attempted to put these goals into action. Like a test run of sorts. And then another obstacle came up......a rash down my spine & around my upper hips. On Tuesday I started itching & it was really annoying. And then it hurt, which was even more annoying. And then it didn't go away, which was the most annoying of all! Which meant that my 'exercise' resolutions were out the window. And so were the 'hanging out with my friends again more' resolutions. Sorry Farrah & Physics John! But then my parents scared the bejesus out of me & were all like 'you have shingles'. Shit.

Who's got the pox?

Turns out, not me. Not an allergy, either. And the doctor assured me that I also don't have scabies. Yeah, thanks dude, what do you think of me? That I have bugs under my skin. Grossers! And it's not contagious, so he gave me some steroid ointment & sent me on my way. Thus, I have the buffest hip skin around right now.

So it went away for a while. And then today it came work. So it's official, I'm allergic to work. Or maybe rather, a crazy amount of stress. Which doesn't make any sense, since I've been stressed out like 90% of my life. But I guess the dam finally broke or something.

But for good news, I came home tonight from Farrah's (4 resolutions down, 1 to go!) & found out that the pipes in my building were cleaned out so water pressure at its height. And this week I'm all alone because Ethan's housesitting so I get to take up the whole bed & have a girl apartment again. Yay!

Okay, gotta go to bed so that I can get up early & take care of some stuff for a professor before I get into work.