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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Georgie's Favorite Toy

It's official. There's no more silly. Well at least not at this point. Which is silly in and of itself. Well, this weekend there were some silly moments with my parents but I came home & soon all the silliness was gone again. Hmph. So instead I'll tell you a silly story from a few months ago. It's called Georgie's Favorite Toy......

So my great pal, Jaycie bought Georgie & Henry some neat toys as a welcome into their new home (that's Henry playing with the yellow mouse). A couple of the toys were these little, furry mice that they immediately took to. Mind you, these are the days before Henry became rotund overnight (apparently he swallowed a bowling ball or something.....for reals). They tossed up the multicolored mice & batted them across the floor only retrieve them & do it again. It was absolutely adorable & I felt a bit more comfortable with the thought that if a mouse was ever in the house that it stood no chance up against these two, ferocious kitty cats. But then I noticed that George would get a mouse in his mouth & act all sketchy, sleeking around, glaring at Henry & growling. Acting kinda mean.

Both George & Henry have fantastic dispositions & are very happy & affectionate cats, even with strangers. Once you're around for more than 2 minutes they'll jump right up in your lap & start purring. Really! Just ask Jackie, as that's what she experienced last week during Top Model.

Well, that's no good so I figured that since they have like a thousand other toys that they'd be fine without these & threw away all the mice. One evening I noticed that George had something in his mouth & was growling & slinking away just as he'd done earlier that week.

'goddamnit i didn't get rid of all of the mice...oh well, i'll just get it now' is what went through my head while approaching him. I could have sworn that I'd swept the apartment clean of these silly mice, looked under rugs, the bed & couches. And as I got closer I realized that he didn't have a play mouse in his mouth. 'Georgie, what do you have?', I said to him. He sunk farther to the ground. 'GEORGIE! Come here & give me that.' And as his cute little furry chin lifted I saw what he acted so possessive about.......a tampon. Little fucker has since opened my backpack to dig out sterile feminine products. And figured out how to get into the bathroom cabinet. You now need two locks & a fingerprint to get into those supplies.

That's Georgie to the left.

Between his attempts to drink wine & seeking out of tampons, I'm beginning to think that Georgie thinks he's a human woman.

In other news, Ethan got into U of IL with a $10k/year scholarship (yay for $, boo for location) & didn't get into U of Chicago or Georgetown. ComeonNorthwestern.


Anonymous kermit said...

taking to furry yellow mice is no indication of their ferociousness, trust me. one time we did have mice at my parents (well technically our neighbours had mice and decided to share custody with us).

misha wouldn't touch the rascal unless it wandered near his food dish in the kitchen. and even then, he would just pick him up in his mouth and deposit him in the living room. when my mom caught the mouse and killed it, misha would go to the scene of the murder and look back & forth at my mom as if to say "why did you kill my friend?"

7:22 PM

Blogger Conti said...

I didn't get into Northwestern. Therefore, no one got into Northwestern probably. FYI.

9:43 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

My female cat likes those furry mice toys. When she's not batting them about the room - she walks around with one in her mouth as if she's just killed her prey - and makes this bizarre yowling sound. I think if she ever came face to face with a real mouse... it would not be pretty.

6:42 PM


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