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Friday, April 27, 2007


I wrote this long post about stuff that's been bugging me at work & then erased it because it's stupid & I just need to get over it. So what somebody doesn't give you Christmas cards, invite you to lunch, look you in the eye, say hi to you in the halls & basicly ignores your existance solely based on the color of your skin. That's no big deal, right?

Instead I'll share some really scary news with you........there was a wasp in the apartment this last Saturday night right by the light in the hallway outside the bathroom & it appeared like magically & then dissappeared & then reappeared. There were about 10 or so people over that night (fun night dudes!) & some of them live in this place called the Subject House. Well, it's a real shithole & they have a tally of mice that they've killed in there & it's like 7 thousand or something. So I was all 'yeah, you guys take care of that, I get stung & it's ER time for tron'. But when it disappeared again we just stood, really puzzled. Where did it go? When Josh noticed that there is space between the ceiling & the wall (really old building) & asked if I had caulk.

Uh, no.

On Monday I called the landlord & was all 'hey marj, there's the dealio' & she gave me Zee's number & he was all 'yeah, you should call rich on this one' so I called Rich & he was all 'well, until you see another one, i'm not going to call the exterminator even though there's more than a slight possibility that you have wasps in your attic or right outside your bathroom or in your walls or coming through your vents'. What a douche.

Speaking of douches, the Jonathon Edwards episode of South Park was on last week & includes some of the funniest 'douche' dialogue between Stan & J.E. Totally rent-worthy.


Anonymous kermit said...

if it would have helped you to get over it (the person, not the wasp), then i don't think you should have erased it. i mean that's what blogs are sometimes for, sheesh.

i dunno for sure if this works for wasps, but get one of those citrus candles that repel mosquitoes and bugs in general as a temporary solution to wasp problem. also, obviously get caulk, or if the gap is really big, some insulation (sprayed with bug spray) to close the gap)

generally getting a landlord to do anything in a timely fashion is almost impossible, i find, even if you sign off on your messages to them with "naked and waiting".

3:42 PM

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