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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Woah. What happened? I was blogging everyday or like every other day & stuff & then caput. Well, I no longer have the free time to blog at work. For sucks. By the time I come home, I'm generally about ready to collapse. For super sucks. Well, maybe 'collapse' is a little bit extreme but I'm really tired & usually get home about 8 or later, even when I don't have balleting or yogaing.

But the good news is that we're looking for another 'me' (well, kinda...more like someone to be another grant wench). Which is great because I've gotten the chance to put some writing skills to work (please don't judge by this blog) but the bad part is that I've been doing it at home....after 9 hours of intense intensity, after balleting, at home in my sweatpants (fuck you, sweatpants are awesome) & glasses at about 9:30 at night. Totally my choice. I enjoy doing that sort of work, helping to write & edit grants. So no wahwahiworkathome bullshit.

Soon my parents' protestant work ethic so embedded in me can turn a bit less life consuming. Yay!

Wanna hear a crappy story? Ha ha. Too bad.

So we had a lunch interview with a candidate today. See, after an initial interview, the group of administrators take whoever we're grilling to lunch for a second interview. I was running late because some people can't get me their shit on time. It goes with the work. So I hippety hopped over to the Business School, my little linen skirt plastered to my legs while I speed-walked in black kitten heels. Upon arriving at the cafeteria, I looked around, feverishly, to find my crew when I looked outside assuming that they weren't dining in this muggy-make-my-hair-into-Bozo's weather but thought, hell, haven't found them yet & saw them. Them being a lovely Indian girl in fashionable sunglasses, tall, thin, short light brown haired nice looking guy & then a woman from the back who could only describe as smaller with light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.

OMG! I can't go to lunch ONE day & Nick & Farrah replaced me!!!! But upon further investigation, picture it, a small girl with her unhealthy salad, pineapple & fat free cholocate milk stalking this table with a scowl, I realized the it wasn't Nick & Farrah.

I found our dopplegang!!!!!!!! We should totally have lunch with them. It'd be like looking in a mirror.

Thankfully I got to the interview just in time to talk with food in my mouth while asking & being asked questions. Yeah, I think I made a good impression. Come work for us!!!

In other not so good news, the 'streetcleaners' are back. Yeah, Chicago's way to make even more money off of its street parking population by putting up orange 'do not park on this side of the street' signs at like 2 a.m. & then charging you $75 for not having moved your car that you didn't even know you needed to move & not sweeping the streets. Sweet.


Anonymous Kyle I said...

I get half way through a post and I'm mentally exhausted. I don't know how people do it every day.

Long time no talkie btw! I hope work lightens up soon.

12:00 AM

Blogger iamnot said...

I wish I had your energy. Actually, I used to. The energy vampires (kids) have sucked me dry.

Glad you're getting help.

9:57 AM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

I know busy... busy is my new middle name. My new job consumes my day - and while I got a huge pat on the back and was told I was doing very very well... I was awarded with a heavier workload... and this comes at a time when I do my annual bout of freelance work... I'm exhausted just typing this.

2:37 AM


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