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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Um, what?

Fuck you, fucking douche.
You know who you are, assholes.
Burn in hell, fuckhead.

**this is not actually directed at anyone who reads this, so please don't take offense or get paranoid**


Blogger iamnot said...

Umm...I'm thinking you need a little ice cream maybe.

5:50 PM

Blogger Boobs Radley said...

...smothered in gin.

4:12 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

I might need to borrow those lines.

(sent you an e-mail, di u get it?)

7:39 PM

Blogger jmonster said...

Need more specificses.

6:25 PM

Blogger Scary Monster said...

A Haiku of fuck
Anger and angst married now.
Fucking catharsis.


8:58 PM


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