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Friday, September 28, 2007

Whole World Turned Upside Down: Quick Note

Uh, what's going on at the FDA? Why do they keep changing the way I categorize food? From ages sperm+egg to about 12 it was the 4 Food Groups. Then all of a sudden, like some sort of dumb gag from my Home Ec teacher in 7th grade, Mrs. Love, it changed over to the Food Pyramid. From the get-go I thought it a very stupid idea. Sweets, such as ice cream, were labeled as 'use sparingly'. Did not like that one bit. Speaking of Mrs. Love, I wonder what ever happened to her. I was going through my old WHMS yearbooks & was all 'woah, that lady tried to fail me & was the only teacher to ever call my mom because i was in trouble, that bitch'. I didn't do so well in Home Ec & she tried to give me a detention because I wouldn't eat the sausage, egg & cheese breakfast casserole (talk about unhealthy!) because I'd given up eating red meat & pork at that point (very advanced middle schooler...ha!). I just think she didn't like a pre-teen responding with 'hey lady, do you want me to puke all over the table?'.

But back to the point, did you know that it got changed again? But nobody can decide. I'm seeing 3 food groups here & 5 over there & someone was claiming 6. What kind of a world are we living in if we can't even agree on food groups? What is going on? Does anyone know the answer to this mystery? Please, help a sista out.


Blogger Captain Bee said...

I want to award bonus points for the use of the Moosehead food groups (because it's Canadian) but I also hate Moosehead, so I think I assess zero points in this situation.

6:59 PM

Blogger Scary Monster said...

Fer me there be only two food groups. Suff me easts and shit that don't come anywhere near me. What the hell do the Monster care about sub-divisions. It all turns into poop anyway.


Post Stomp
Love beer, but could never find the courage to wrap me lips around a bottle Moosehead! LOL

10:35 PM

Blogger House of Suz said...

Three food groups: wine, bread, cheese. It's all you ever really need.

11:58 AM

Anonymous jessica said...

i've heard dairy as its own food group is a direct result of pressure from--guess who?--the dairy industry!

protein, carbs, veggies, fruits, and "everything else" is what most people think of, i think. then there are those who take good fats out of there. i love the mayo clinic guidelines myself. worth a look.

6:29 PM


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