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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Eyelashes are Bouncy

Today I got back to Boston to find an apartment ravaged by kittly cats. It's pick-up-able but still was a pain in the ass. George & Henry were not happy about an owner's-week break from ## XXXXXX St. It was their way of saying 'fuck you, I'm gonna mess stuff up to piss you off without breaking anything so valuable that you'd be really angry with me'.

The break was nice but hectic. No! And I didn't see nearly as many people I wanted to see. And certainly didn't get even close to enough time to rub Schmale's belly & tell it how beautiful & wonderful it is. Maybe that little, wonderful being got some of it.

Really, when you live away from where you grew up it's almost better to come in for like 3 days around Christmas & then a whole week in January. I saw way too many people in such a hurried way, attempting (successfully) to have people visit while I ran errands & enjoy each other's presence all in one. Big ups to Veldt for hanging out at NM to pay a bill & find a present for Schmale.

But anyways, I now have a functioning camera so some pictures of Boston shall appear soon. Promise to maxx.

That will come. And this isn't very funny. But I got an awesome funny, sweet, wonderful present from Daddy that I can't even digest yet and when I started to, well, I cried.

Okay, okay....Daddy picked out a spoken version of Vonnegut short stories with the introduction & conclusion written & spoken by Kurt himself. I've seen him (Mr. Vonnegut) in interviews but it was while driving north on I-55 from Dad's to Mom's that I focused on his voice. He sounds very much like my maternal grandfather. Who, like Vonnegut, had a liking towards the booze & unfiltered cigarettes. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's that they both spent their childhoods in the midwest. Maybe it's how they tell stories about their lives. But I teared up & laughed & know that I'll be listening to that as a bedtime story for a while.

But anyway, there's a tiger-striped kitty who wants my attention now, so I'm going to pet & kiss him.

Happy Holidays and lots of love & hugs & kisses,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It might be worth leaving some live rodents in your apartment next time so your cats will have something with which to occupy themselves.

10:55 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

On the other hand, I loved "Ratatouille" - Happy New Year!

4:20 PM

Blogger BSH ADMIN said...

I loved ratatoullie too!! Cutest movie ever.

What happened with Ethan? Wasn't there a Christmas ultimatum in there somewhere?

3:15 PM


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