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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Scene: Ballet studio, after class

Me: Oh hi Girl's Name.
Girl: Hi. (half eye-roll ending at the bottom corner from where eyes started)
Me: I see your sister came with you today.
Girl: Oh, yeah. How did you know we are sisters?
Me: Because I thought at first that constant smug, pretentious look on your face was just you being a bitch but now I realize it's genetic.

Ba boom Ching!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Je m'appelle Tron.

The good news: French seems to come naturally.

The bad news: The only way I can actually stand by that is because I don't really study & am still able to speak & read. Spellings a whole other world.

The good news: Henry's lost weight.

The bad news: I'm not home to feed him.

The good news: Mommy's coming out for a visit.

The bad news: Not for a few months.

The good news: This job's a whole lot better than the last.

The bad news: I'm cleaning up someone else's mess...again.

The good news: Ballet's going great & I'm excited to attend classes & stay motivated.

The bad news: If I decide to take the next level of classes, that's where the bitchy girls are.

The good news: Looks like finances are actually heading in a positive direction.

The bad news: Looks like I'll be losing a roommate right when I start classes.

The good news: Georgie has amazingly adorable paws.

The bad news: Those paws like to wake me up at 3 a.m.

The good news: I've found quite an amazing turkey sammich on my way home from ballet.

The bad news: I could only eat half of it.

The good news: Said turkey sammich is low on calories & fat.

The bad news: I could only eat half of it.

The good news: I lost my appetite today.

The bad news: I lost my appeitite today.

The ugly: I lost my appetite today.