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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Adventures in the Fast Food Lane

Dear Self,

Do NOT each Chicken Selects from McDonald's. I understand that you were desperate & knew that you needed food yet didn't know what you wanted. But I have no choice than to double you over in pain on the T when you do this sort of thing. Grab a yogurt, ice cream cone, banana, hot dog, whatever. I am warning you, next time....there will be vomit.

Your Tummy.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I feel like at this point of winter, I'm desperately in need of the days when we can swing on swings without fingers freezing to the chains. And Vitamin D. Looked at my stomach in the bathtub on Saturday & was a bit frightened. Whiter than a crayon. Eek!


Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Name Isobel

This is Mittens (real name Elvis...isn't Mittens a cuter name though?). I watched him for a week & fell in love with him. Actually, the whole story is that he got out of his home so I was holding him but his owner realized he was gone & got him back.

It's Saturday night.

No, I'm not going out.

80 minute massage this afternoon. Check.

Still smell like rose & peppermint (I know, sounds like a strange combination but it smells heavenly). Check

Pizza in the oven. Check.

Lush bathbomb waiting. Check.

Girlie movie. Check.

Falling asleep at 11 & waking up tomorrow feeling well & happy. Check in 3.5 hours.

Using the excuse that it's raining & yucky out to stay in & take care of myself. Doublecheck.

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