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Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Name Isobel

This is Mittens (real name Elvis...isn't Mittens a cuter name though?). I watched him for a week & fell in love with him. Actually, the whole story is that he got out of his home so I was holding him but his owner realized he was gone & got him back.

It's Saturday night.

No, I'm not going out.

80 minute massage this afternoon. Check.

Still smell like rose & peppermint (I know, sounds like a strange combination but it smells heavenly). Check

Pizza in the oven. Check.

Lush bathbomb waiting. Check.

Girlie movie. Check.

Falling asleep at 11 & waking up tomorrow feeling well & happy. Check in 3.5 hours.

Using the excuse that it's raining & yucky out to stay in & take care of myself. Doublecheck.

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Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

You shouldn't feel like you're in loserville just because you choose to stay in for some "Me" time! I've done it for the past 2 weekends and feel so much better - sounds like you are, too! Plus you save loads of cash that you can then spend on yourself!

9:03 AM


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