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Sunday, April 06, 2008

We are a part of the Rhythm Nation

This weekend was HUGE. Huge, I tell you! Almost as huge as Henry.

First, Friday night was filled with a superawesome cheeseburger & chill time with my neighbor, Jess. Jess just happens to be probably one of the top 5 awesomest chicks in Boston. Really...The Phoenix (the paper not the hot stripper) did a poll!

Second, Taylor & I had Saturday brunch at Johnny D's & it was so yummy I can't even describe. This was followed up by probably the best massage I've ever had in my life. Transendental.

Third, while bopping around the record store I found several inexpensive gems so I treated myself. One of said gems is Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation. Yes, I danced around while folding laundry to that pretty much this whole night.

Fourth, last night I went candle-pin bowling. It's fun. But trippy. Very weird. And really hard. I got a 25.

Fifth, I think I've found a way to eat ice cream with regularity & not gain weight. No, I'm not going all Roman & tickling the dangley ball thing at the back of my throat with a feather. Bikram yoga. Have you ever done this? If not, you pretty much just sweat for 90 minutes while doing poses. I've never sweat more in my life. Ever. Ever ever ever. This discovery is awesome. Not an everyday activity but once/week combined with 3x/week ballet classes & all of the walking, figure I can stay in pretty good shape & not restrict myself that creamy frozen goodness I do so love.

Sixth, mommy's coming out for a visit in a month & we're going to see Swan Lake!

More later. It's time to drown myself in a tub of lavendar & bury my nose in some Vonnegut.

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Blogger iamnot said...

You need a web cam.
Dancing to Janet, while folding clothes and digging ice cream. YOU may just make that top five list yourself.


9:25 AM

Anonymous BrooklynSeahag said...

I've been dying to try Hot Yoga but I'm AFRAID! It's not really for beginners is it?

4:09 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Yes, actually it is. I'll hit ya up & give you the details.

4:49 PM


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