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Thursday, May 15, 2008


So this week is just a crabby crabby week. Yuck. I keep trying to pull myself out of this funk but that is just not happening. I feel moody, irritable & pretty much like I just want to crawl into a hole & not come out for a while.

Despite a great weekend with mom & a housewarming party coming up this Saturday & getting a higher score on the 2nd practice test I took (albeit not as high as I'd have liked), my mood is just in the crapper. Maybe it's because my sinuses are acting like total ayeholes. Maybe it's that the weather is currently reflecting more of an October than May kinda attitude. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten a full 8 hours of sleep all week. Maybe it's because 'my new roommate' fell through so now I have to keep roomie searching. Maybe it's that I'm scared to death to start real people school again & am more or less convinced that I will fail out. (not really but it's still a little scary) Ugh.

So I'll stop there before I turn completely into whiney mcwhinestrom & put myself to bed as to not infect Georgie & Henry with this terrible attitude.



Anonymous jessica said...

Yay for a fun time with your mom & getting a higher score the 2nd time around than the 1st!

10:31 PM


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