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Monday, June 16, 2008


Sadly, there isn't too much exciting to report. Still studying, only not for the GRE anymore. There's one more test in the Environmental Public Health class. Still don't know how I did on last week's test & don't really care at this point since I'm so deflated from taking tests & working & having a broken heart (fact: I totally care but feel too tired to). The GREs were a little bit of a disappointment but hopefully I won't have to take them again. I totally rocked the math but apparently turned into a complete idiot on the verbal. Well, I guess not a complete idiot but didn't do as well as I'd hoped.


I got a serious case of the misses this weekend. Like missing coming home & telling someone about the day & hearing about theirs. George & Henry are a poor substitute since they only respond in meows. And knowing that Weeds was on tonight & I'd be watching it with a frozen pizza. And then last week I started crying in the food court because I wanted a shrimp tempura roll & was like 'wah, Ethan & I used to get shrimp tempura rolls all the time'. Pitiful.

Dear internet, will you be my boyfriend?

Well, too bad, you're going to be.

So I didn't write about this because, well, wasn't sure what I wanted to divulge (see?! why couldn't DIVULGE be on the GRE?) too much about the situation but here goes. I've been dying to talk about a work situation for like 2 weeks now & can't keep it in anymore.

One of the members on our 'team' is going to be out on maternity leave (yay baby!) &, well, let's call her, um, Molly, yeah, Molly! Anyways, Molly does a LOT around the office & has a really heavy workload but handles it because she's awesome & has been there for a few years now so she has her stuff together. In the absence of Molly we don't really have anyone to do her work (although obviously, it'll still be handled) & I'm happy to pick up some of it but the other team member is totally swamped. Like Everglades swamped. So we hired someone to handle some of Molly's stuff while she's out. This girl who we hired, we'll call her, Hoo Wee. Hoo Wee has a ton of experience & so we were like 'yay hoo wee's coming to work with us & she's awesome'. We had to wait like 6 weeks for Hoo Wee to give her notice & come over to our place of work.

On a side note, during her interview, Hoo Wee's phone went off twice which the first time I was like 'whatevs' but then the second time was like 'uh, turn your phone off, you're in an interview but again whatevs'.

So finally it's Hoo Wee's first day & we're all so excited to welcome her onto the team & that there'd be another person working with us. So Hoo Wee shows up & pretty much has a major freak attack the first day because she doesn't have a parking spot. On a side note, I work in an area where parking spots are not only rare & reserved for patients (duh!) but that they're like as much as my first apartment's rent. Hoo Wee started her working but just kept coming back to this parking spot.

Parking spot this. Parking spot that. Deal-breaker.

A couple days go by & we figured that the whole parking spot thing would be done & over. Nope. Still kept on the phone like half of the day trying to find a parking spot.

At the end of Day 4 of working she gave her notice.

Over a parking spot.

No joke.

People are getting laid off left & right & this girl quit because of a parking spot. Can you believe that? Yeah, me neither! Was like 'i thought it was part of my package'. Uh, brainiac MD/PhDs who are working directly on CURING CANCER don't get parking spots until they're pretty much tenured.

We were all pretty much floored.

So that's the major dish of the last couple weeks. Did you enjoy it internet? How was your day? Want to watch a movie & cuddle?

Jez, I need more friends. Stat.

At least I made it back into the studio this week & start pointe class in 2 weeks, which will bump up studio time to like 5 hours/week just for ballet.

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Anonymous The Internets said...

I'm so glad you finally came around.
Yes, of course I'll be your boyfriend!

Yours with great affection,

The Internets

P.S. Don’t listen to what they all say about me. I’m more than just a great place to get porn. ;-)

9:29 AM

Anonymous Kyle I said...

She needs to get over herself. Parking spot? Come on....

12:58 PM

Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

Of course we'll be your long as you guys are mine too! :) What a well...ho!

4:31 PM

Anonymous brooklynseahag said...

wait, wait, I'll be your boyfriend if you promise to call me "Hoo Wee."

4:54 PM

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