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Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's oh so quiet, shhhh, shhhhh uneventful weekend. And haven't had the weepies since Thursday. Yipee! Friday night was a movie & hanging out with Grace. Saturday was weekend errands & hanging out with the neighbors. Today was bumming around Harvard Square & hanging out with Jess more.

I've been missing my girls back home & all over the country something fierce lately but am super fortunate to have one of my close friends living next door right now. Jess is just such an amazing & inspiring person. And Michael is proof that there are good guys out there. And them together show me that normal, happy marriages exist. I really do feel so cheesy saying this but thank goodness that through some random act of the apartment world I ended up moving into this apartment. It's like living in the dorms in college 'hey, wanna go get some food or cook dinner?' but we actually have more than $20 to our name so we can like actually do stuff that doesn't involve kegs.

Got everything done tonight earlier than expected. Last week I did a nice, thorough cleaning of the apartment on Monday afternoon, all laundry (save a couple inconsequential items) done and put away, cat litter=clean, dishes=done and it all feels good. It's nice going into a new week with the feeling that nothing's lagging in the chore department. Just a bath & trashy mag tonight & a half of a Parisian sammich & some potato salad from Cardullo's.

My newer camera broke pretty much as soon as I landed in Louisiana & through the grace of camera gods my older one magically worked again. For about a day. And I realized that infinite wisdom urged me to misplace/lose the cord that hooks up my computer to the camera to download them so I think this is the universe's way of just saying that I should go back to film.

So my dear interwebs boyfriend, today I did have some drama. When I was tying my hair back & looking for a cute ribbon to put in it, I could only find my green one! What happened to the yellow ones? Or the gray ones? HAS SOMEONE BEEN BREAKING INTO MY APARTMENT & STEALING MY RIBBONS?!?!?! It couldn't be anything else (yes, it could). I'd really like some closure on this ribbon issue. Thanks!

Next weekend is birthday weekend. I turn 29 so according to many, I have one more good year to find a husband. I find this hard to believe since I just keep getting hotter or maybe that's my mind going. Hhmmmm.....

Anyways, since I know uh, like 2 guys in Boston & one of them is leaving to shoot a movie on Saturday, it's going to be a girlie celebration. But what should I wear? We're going for tapas on Saturday afternoon. Is it too presumptuous or cliche to wear my pretty bcbg tutu dress & a tiara? Should I wear my skinny jeans (it's official....they're fitting comfortably again!!!)? Should I bust out my 'birthday dress'? (birthday dress does not equal birthday is an actual dress that I've worn several birthdays for the past 6 years)

Oh, the big decisions.

I guess I'll have to figure it out over bathtime & Vogue.

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Blogger Sun Follower said...

I vote birthday dress. Celebrate YOU.

2:46 AM

Blogger iamnot said...

Wow. I remember being 29...barely.
Go for the jeans. Guys dig nice fitting jeans and a white button down.
At least we used to.

4:34 PM

Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

Happy Birthday! Not sure what you picked out but I'm sure you looked FAB!!!! Hope you enjoyed your day and night deserve it! :)

10:40 AM


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