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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Morning Conversations

Hiya friend,

I caught an earlier bus this morning. And by caught, literally saw the bus & ran. It was pretty funny to onlookers no doubt.

How's the Tufts progress going along?

Ended up getting done with the book critique stuff after 9 last night so I hung out with Jess for about a half an hour & went to bed. (i.e. fall asleep on the couch to Seinfield) And then woke up at 1 a.m. to some CSI crap where some woman was raped & drowned & they had her picture on the teevee screen & only id'ed her as Jane Doe so then I didn't fall back asleep for at least another 2 hours & Henry decided that he & I needed to have a chat at like 6 a.m. this morning. It went something like this:

Me: Snore
Henry: Meow (MOOOOOOOOOM wake up)
Me: Come here bear & snuggle.
Me: Bear, mommy is very tired because she stayed up late last night afraid that someone was going to break into her apartment & rape & drown her & woke up at every single sound all night long, please lay down.
George: Open mouth & let out squeak (You fool! You are making her not like you so she will soon love me more forever despite the fact that I do not leave her alone when she studies!)
Me: Jesus, fine, whatever.
Roll out of bed, stumble into kitchen, feed cats, stumble back to bed.

In other Cat News, Henry and George have started sitting either between the shower curtains or half in the bathtub while I shower again. It's kind of weird but not like I feel like I'm being 'watched' or anything so that's cool. Henry has decided that he is, in fact, a stuffed animal & belongs under my arm. Georgie is a weird little bird & likes to lay between my Indian style legs on his back & purr while I scratch his belly while I study.

Speaking of studying….I got a C on my first test. This does NOT make me happy & I intend on figuring out, exactly, what happened. A C?!?! Double-ewe Tee Eff? Ugh. I feel like after the last few weeks that this makes me want to cry at work again. I was really hoping to ace that. And thought I did pretty well. But I bet that I totally bombed the multiple choice. That's my bet. Which would suck because, well, multiple choice? Bombing that?! Failure. That's what it comes down to. FAILURE. This just means that I'll have to concentrate more on the bold-faced words in the text. Also, dude, the beach is totes out for Sunday. Maybe next week. Hunkering down & studying is the MO this weekend. Thinking that my pal's music video premiere on Friday is out now, too. Oh well. Come July there'll be more time just not right now.

Ugh. This test grade just made it so that I could MAYBE get an A- in the class IF I get a 100% on the rest of the tests. Seriously, friend, I'd really like to just sit down & cry at this point.

Well, looks like grad school isn't for me.

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