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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello Sweet Princess

Dear sweet Dalia.
Oh the places you will go.
Always in my heart.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great 8 (for this year anyways)

So on my birthday this year I had a therapy session & 2.5 hours of ballet, which is pretty much the awesomest birthday ever (well, maybe not really but for this year it was the grapes). My therapist had suggested that I take the day to maybe reflect what I wanted in the coming year. And being bogged down with ballet, didn't have too much reflection time but iamnot did a Bucket List & 'tagged' whoever wanted to be so I switched it up a little & instead of by the time I die, figured this would be a good time to project a little bit on what I'd like to do in the next 11.25 months.

Here goes:
-Quit Smoking (those of you who know me in real life know that this is quite a feat but I'll be 30 next year & there's no time to start stopping like now, huh?)
-Apply to grad schools.
-Visit my brother in Seattle
-Visit Jessica in DC
-Watch Jadie get married in Mexico
-Tell at least one person a day who I love that I love them (person, not just cats)
-Use the Ricoh film camera and all its attachments sitting in my closet
-Make another Porch Music mix

May not seem like a lot but each one of those items will take a bit of time. And time to concentrate on them separately. I've gotten into the habit of multi-tasking pretty much everything although my strengths lie in concentrating on one thing at a time. As for the vacations, it's easy to go somewhere but quite a bit more difficult, yet much more rewarding to focus on where you are and the people you're with. And as for telling someone that you love them, well, that'll certainly be the easiest on the list & probably the most fulfilling.


Monday, July 28, 2008

What's the deal with vomit?

Ugh. Home sick today & had puked from like 7:30 last night through this morning with one time not even making it to open up the toilet. I'm really glad I cleaned this weekend just to have to do it all again. Food poisoning has to be one of the worst feelings ever. And too bad I had to drag myself to the 7-11 to get ginger ale & crackers & was so lazy that I DROVE because I was afraid that I would pass out on my way going there or coming back because I can stand up for like 93 second intervals at a time right now.


Speaking of which, I need to go lay down again because I might fall over in the chair. What a terrible way to spend a day not working.

This is the second vom incident in a month and I'm really starting to get sick of it. Ha ha! Get it, it's a pun!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And I'm Walking Towards Tomorrow With a Rifle in My Hand

This is my newest animal niece, Meela. Doesn't she look sweet? Well, she's even sweeter than her picture. Went over to J & T's tonight for a delicious dinner & got a chance to hug & kiss & play with the lovely Meela. She, of course, returned all of the kisses & we took to each other like peanut butter & jelly. J & T said that usually she's timid around new people but luckily that wasn't the case tonight. It's nice to have a puppy so close to hang out & play with again. At some point I'd like to get a doggie of my own but right now it wouldn't be fair to the little guy/gal since I'm not home enough.

Well, tomorrow's a pretty big day but once it's over, hopefully, the rest of the summer (um, where did it go? oh yeah, studying, working & dancing) will be foot loose & fancy free. Here's to hoping. But there's not use worrying about things out of our control so for the rest of the night it's a bath, kitties & some sappy girl movie or teevee-on-deeveedee.


Touchie Tootsies

Um, so I REALLY need a foot massage but can't go get a pedicure because inevitably that will take off some of the callous. Ugh.

Interwebs boyfriend: this is your time to shine! (and if you show up with that superawesomeaforementioned tank top maybe we can make out)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Go Out to the Movies

So in the last post I alluded to the fact that I've been going out to & renting a lot more movies lately. It's a nice distraction. In the last month I've seen 3 movies in the theater & countless on DVD (most of the latter I fall asleep during so finish of the next day).

And this officially makes a pattern since after Pete, I spent a couple months wallowing in the bathtub & once I brought myself out spent many, many hours watching films. Some good and some bad. Fortunately, the time curve has been better after this last break up & I'm in that whole movie phase much quicker.

So tonight I went to The Wackness at CC & it was really good. Especially if you want to see Gandhi make out with Michelle Tanner. Ha!!!

The critics came down a bit too hard on it, in my opinion, & although it's a bit cliche, was very well done.

Okay, off to bed for me. This is a big week.

Monday, July 21, 2008

There Will Be Bruising

Look! These are my newest shoes. Aren't they pretty? And pink? And satiny? (the picture really doesn't do them justice)

They hurt like a mother lover. So much that I haven't made it through a whole 45 minute class yet with them on (35 minutes is my limit in the 3 weeks since starting). And thought myself a total sissy but then talked to more people & they were like 'when I started, I could only keep them on for 5 minutes'.

Who's the sissy now?!

Speaking of torture, I made plans with a pal to go see Mamma Mia this weekend. See, we were going to the beach originally but it was mega-too-hot-even-for-the-beach & slated to rain like monsoon-style so instead we opted to pay 10 bucks for 2 hours of air conditioning (side note: it's effing hot on my walk to work it's 90 degrees at 8:40 a.m. in CC & it did rain monsoon-style on Sunday). On the way to the theater I just happened to stop in Oilily & found pretty much the worlds cutest socks on sale so I bought them. And if anybody has you know, like an extra $85 to throw around, I would accept the red butterfly tank top with the beads & the cool stitching that they're selling (size Small please!). So anyways, the first thoughts of this movie were that it'd be totally dumb & was maybe wasting my money. But it turns out that it was awesome. Hilarious. Didn't take itself seriously at all & just a whole lot of fun. Unlike Sex & the City, which was horrible & such a disappointment. But I guess there was a lot expected from the whole anticipation of S&TC.

(Ir)Regardless, Mamma Mia was really great. And Sex & the City sucked ass. And Lars & the Real Girl was fantastic, too. And I've found myself watching a lot of movies again. Tonight's The Whackness. And I've been going out for breakfast & lunches on the weekends again, too, which is a nice way to go to some really yummy, nice restaurants for less money. And that way I kind of have a list of places for hot men to take me on dates once I feel like dating again.

Um, yeah, don't lie to yourself. 'Feel like dating'. More like 'can get a date'.

Hey, let me lie to myself any way I want to right now. I'm vulnerable & fragile.

Fragile my ass.

That's it. I don't want to talk to you anymore. that I mentioned breakfast, I'm hungry & think it's a breakfast for dinner kind of night.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Effing Hilarious

This is where the comics came from.

They made my day. That & one of the girls in ballet tonight asked me if 'this one thing' (sorry so's a secret thing!) was the only one that I had & said, 'yes, it was part of my 29th birthday present to myself' & she was like 'oh, I have 3' & I was like 'how old are you?' & she was like '16' & so I said 'your parents are pretty liberal' & she was like 'yeah my dad let me get my first one at 14 & then my parents died so I got 2 more'. And that made me want to cry so I said 'oh honey, I'm really sorry about your parents' & she was like 'yeah, well, death happens, nothing I could do about it, I'm okay'. And I was like 'uh woah, you're more mature about this than most people twice your age' & she shrugged. Then about 5 minutes later she was like 'you know, you really don't look that age' & so I said thank you. It was a sweet encounter. And one hell of an ego boost.

And pretty much everyday I feel a little bit more secure that living alone with cats & having an amazing set of friends & family is certainly not the worst thing that could happen in life or way to turn out. You know, stay happy & not settle. Not so bad. I'd say that having to trudge through an insanely dysfunctional relationship that drove me nutso would be a whole lot worse of a future.

And with that, I'm going to take a shower & go to bed because I'm stinky & tired.

Confidential to Jessica: uh YEAH hanging out with you in DC will most certainly be the highlight of a the trip!!! Can't wait!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Step Inside Doesn't Mean I'm Yours

On Thursday I got home right at 6:30, which is pretty early for me, changed clothes & had just enough time to catch a breath when Cary came over for dinner. She made a salad & I'd picked up some pasta from Bottega Fiorentina. (quick sidenote: it's so great having a friend who loves to eat good dinners & hang out a la Alison again!) We ate & ran out the door on our way up to Concord. 20 minutes through the Harvard area & northwest & all of a sudden we were in a wooded residential area.

Emerson's house, Walden Pond, shutters with cut outs of bayoneted men, the shot heard round the world.

And found ourselves in a quaint little town, which is Concord. The main strip is surrounded by these beautiful old homes and like a typical New England town, next to the strip is a church and the town hall. Town hall is where the square dance was. Contra whatever, it was a square dance. We walked in & it smelled like, well, a really old building and there was a woman sitting on the side cross stitching. And it was so much fun. No pictures because I don't have a camera right now. Sorry! Honestly, I don't think that I'd smiled so much in quite a while. I'd forgotten my jazz shoes so I danced barefoot, a little afraid that my little toes would get stepped on but they didn't. The age ranged from high schoolers to 60 year old men. The older men were much more fun to dance with by the way. And one of them took a liking to me so for the last dance we waltzed and I felt like Sabrina but take me out of the Givenchy dress & put on an old skirt & take out the estate on Long Island & put in a town hall in Concord, MA and instead of Billy Wilder (swoon!) it was some older gentleman named Gary who told me all about how he met his wife at that very hall 17 years ago. The younger kids were really into it. Like Contra Dancing is how they channeled their energy. Which was a lot like Drama Club in high school.

Oh my god. Your life keeps getting worse. Really, this is embarrassing! Why are you telling people this?

Because, you know, there are a lot more losers out there & well, it's okay to not feel like you need to be at the hot spots.

Speaking of not hot spots, you'd think that my feet would be a little torn up from spinning shoeless on them but they aren't. Which means that my tootsies are like 100% callous now.

Again, boring.

Fine. So on Friday I got tickets to The Notwist in Boston! The only problem is that it's the same weekend as Jadie & Tre's wedding in Mexico so I'm currently trying to schedule it so that I can get back on Sunday night with just enough time to drop off my stuff & skedaddle over to the venue. Monday morning could be a rough one.

And as for other trips, looks like I'll be in DC (hopefully!!!) over the election for a conference. This would be awesome on several levels.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Adventures

I'm going Contra Dancing tonight. I'm not exactly sure what it's all about but what the hell, try anything once, right?

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Post #400

Well, hhhmmm.....

The birthday weekend went well and was quite relaxing. I went with the Birthday Dress & it was tittastic! The girls & I went out for tapas & then to my fav bar & were home by the ripe hour of midnight and full of energy on Sunday morning to tackle ice cream & lolligagging around. Watched some teevee and did laundry. Since I've been doing laundry on a weekly basis, it's only one or two loads, which is manageable.

Oh my god, your life is about as exciting as corn flakes.

Yeah, so? It's nice to once again have a calm, peaceful existence.

So, give the dirt! It can't be THAT lame. Hasn't Georgie peed on anything lately? At least?

Nope. No pee pees outside of the litter box for Georgie in like 3 months. And I even have the closet to the office wide open. But there was something kind of interesting on the actual morning of my birthday that hasn't happened in a while.

Oh yeah? Did you get laid?

No, and I resent you assuming that. You know, I COULD get laid if I wanted to.

So the homeless guys in Boston dig you too?

No, actually, I haven't been hit on by a homeless guy in a while. Must be losing that 'I'm nice' look.

Anyways, Sunday, like last Sunday I strolled Harvard Square & got a nice big sammich and potato salad from Cardullo's yet this Sunday was special. Special in that the next day was my birthday and as tradition has it, I like to celebrate by eating anything that looks scrumptious so I picked up a meatball too. (side note: I still pretty much eat anything that look scrumptious, but make a point during Birthday Week)

I fixed myself a root beer float & ate my delicious treats, headed off to bed and dozed into a lollipop-filled dream.

3:07 a.m.: Ouch! My tumtum hurts! Ouch ouch! It's not Henry pressing on my tummy. It's IN my tummy!

3:15 a.m.: Holy god, this isn't going away, time to move to the bathroom. (I know from previous experience to take a pillow into the bathroom at these moments)

3:26 a.m.: Barf.

3:31 a.m.: Relief

3:35 a.m.: Uh oh. Not done.

I'll spare you the rest of the details but let's just say that I crawled (literally) back into bed at around 4 and fell back to sleep immediately.

Happy Birthday! So I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities: a.) the meatball (seemingly all I threw up...the proof is in the pudding! but exchange pudding for barf) had bell peppers in it which is a little weird because I've had more immediate reactions to the peppahs lately, such as shortness of breath & swelling of throat & have since stayed very far away, b.) food poisoning, or c.) new food allergy (highly unlikely). So yay! Happy birthday! Have some food poisoning!

The bacteria that did that will certainly pay...with their, um, life?

The upside is that the day really couldn't go anywhere but up from there (considering ALL the possibilities it really could have gotten worse), which it did. And ended with 2.5 hours of ballet, catching up with some dear friends (that's you Farthead!) and some relax time.

So that's all for now.

Don't you have some monster grant due like tomorrow?

Yep. I do. And I'm totally freaked out about it but eh, can't do too'll go out.

Your story was stupid. I want to hear more about sex or you making an ass out of yourself.

Later. Not this time.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Yesterday we said goodbye to another family pet.

RIP Cisco.

We already miss you, buddy.