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Monday, July 14, 2008

Effing Hilarious

This is where the comics came from.

They made my day. That & one of the girls in ballet tonight asked me if 'this one thing' (sorry so's a secret thing!) was the only one that I had & said, 'yes, it was part of my 29th birthday present to myself' & she was like 'oh, I have 3' & I was like 'how old are you?' & she was like '16' & so I said 'your parents are pretty liberal' & she was like 'yeah my dad let me get my first one at 14 & then my parents died so I got 2 more'. And that made me want to cry so I said 'oh honey, I'm really sorry about your parents' & she was like 'yeah, well, death happens, nothing I could do about it, I'm okay'. And I was like 'uh woah, you're more mature about this than most people twice your age' & she shrugged. Then about 5 minutes later she was like 'you know, you really don't look that age' & so I said thank you. It was a sweet encounter. And one hell of an ego boost.

And pretty much everyday I feel a little bit more secure that living alone with cats & having an amazing set of friends & family is certainly not the worst thing that could happen in life or way to turn out. You know, stay happy & not settle. Not so bad. I'd say that having to trudge through an insanely dysfunctional relationship that drove me nutso would be a whole lot worse of a future.

And with that, I'm going to take a shower & go to bed because I'm stinky & tired.

Confidential to Jessica: uh YEAH hanging out with you in DC will most certainly be the highlight of a the trip!!! Can't wait!

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Blogger Jessica said...

Have you tried ice cream sundae ice cream? Because that's what I had for dinner. Mmmm. Delish.

9:11 AM

Blogger BSH ADMIN said...

Secret thing = midget slave? labia piercing? extra fingers?

2:18 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...


12:38 AM


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