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Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Step Inside Doesn't Mean I'm Yours

On Thursday I got home right at 6:30, which is pretty early for me, changed clothes & had just enough time to catch a breath when Cary came over for dinner. She made a salad & I'd picked up some pasta from Bottega Fiorentina. (quick sidenote: it's so great having a friend who loves to eat good dinners & hang out a la Alison again!) We ate & ran out the door on our way up to Concord. 20 minutes through the Harvard area & northwest & all of a sudden we were in a wooded residential area.

Emerson's house, Walden Pond, shutters with cut outs of bayoneted men, the shot heard round the world.

And found ourselves in a quaint little town, which is Concord. The main strip is surrounded by these beautiful old homes and like a typical New England town, next to the strip is a church and the town hall. Town hall is where the square dance was. Contra whatever, it was a square dance. We walked in & it smelled like, well, a really old building and there was a woman sitting on the side cross stitching. And it was so much fun. No pictures because I don't have a camera right now. Sorry! Honestly, I don't think that I'd smiled so much in quite a while. I'd forgotten my jazz shoes so I danced barefoot, a little afraid that my little toes would get stepped on but they didn't. The age ranged from high schoolers to 60 year old men. The older men were much more fun to dance with by the way. And one of them took a liking to me so for the last dance we waltzed and I felt like Sabrina but take me out of the Givenchy dress & put on an old skirt & take out the estate on Long Island & put in a town hall in Concord, MA and instead of Billy Wilder (swoon!) it was some older gentleman named Gary who told me all about how he met his wife at that very hall 17 years ago. The younger kids were really into it. Like Contra Dancing is how they channeled their energy. Which was a lot like Drama Club in high school.

Oh my god. Your life keeps getting worse. Really, this is embarrassing! Why are you telling people this?

Because, you know, there are a lot more losers out there & well, it's okay to not feel like you need to be at the hot spots.

Speaking of not hot spots, you'd think that my feet would be a little torn up from spinning shoeless on them but they aren't. Which means that my tootsies are like 100% callous now.

Again, boring.

Fine. So on Friday I got tickets to The Notwist in Boston! The only problem is that it's the same weekend as Jadie & Tre's wedding in Mexico so I'm currently trying to schedule it so that I can get back on Sunday night with just enough time to drop off my stuff & skedaddle over to the venue. Monday morning could be a rough one.

And as for other trips, looks like I'll be in DC (hopefully!!!) over the election for a conference. This would be awesome on several levels.

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Blogger Jessica said...

Um, level 1 being, of course, our hanging out.

9:47 PM

Blogger iamnot said...

Cool is having fun without worrying about "being cool."

"Cool" people need to unwrap and learn how to have fun down past that image place and to who they really are.

I wish I could have seen it.

9:52 AM


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