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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Post #400

Well, hhhmmm.....

The birthday weekend went well and was quite relaxing. I went with the Birthday Dress & it was tittastic! The girls & I went out for tapas & then to my fav bar & were home by the ripe hour of midnight and full of energy on Sunday morning to tackle ice cream & lolligagging around. Watched some teevee and did laundry. Since I've been doing laundry on a weekly basis, it's only one or two loads, which is manageable.

Oh my god, your life is about as exciting as corn flakes.

Yeah, so? It's nice to once again have a calm, peaceful existence.

So, give the dirt! It can't be THAT lame. Hasn't Georgie peed on anything lately? At least?

Nope. No pee pees outside of the litter box for Georgie in like 3 months. And I even have the closet to the office wide open. But there was something kind of interesting on the actual morning of my birthday that hasn't happened in a while.

Oh yeah? Did you get laid?

No, and I resent you assuming that. You know, I COULD get laid if I wanted to.

So the homeless guys in Boston dig you too?

No, actually, I haven't been hit on by a homeless guy in a while. Must be losing that 'I'm nice' look.

Anyways, Sunday, like last Sunday I strolled Harvard Square & got a nice big sammich and potato salad from Cardullo's yet this Sunday was special. Special in that the next day was my birthday and as tradition has it, I like to celebrate by eating anything that looks scrumptious so I picked up a meatball too. (side note: I still pretty much eat anything that look scrumptious, but make a point during Birthday Week)

I fixed myself a root beer float & ate my delicious treats, headed off to bed and dozed into a lollipop-filled dream.

3:07 a.m.: Ouch! My tumtum hurts! Ouch ouch! It's not Henry pressing on my tummy. It's IN my tummy!

3:15 a.m.: Holy god, this isn't going away, time to move to the bathroom. (I know from previous experience to take a pillow into the bathroom at these moments)

3:26 a.m.: Barf.

3:31 a.m.: Relief

3:35 a.m.: Uh oh. Not done.

I'll spare you the rest of the details but let's just say that I crawled (literally) back into bed at around 4 and fell back to sleep immediately.

Happy Birthday! So I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities: a.) the meatball (seemingly all I threw up...the proof is in the pudding! but exchange pudding for barf) had bell peppers in it which is a little weird because I've had more immediate reactions to the peppahs lately, such as shortness of breath & swelling of throat & have since stayed very far away, b.) food poisoning, or c.) new food allergy (highly unlikely). So yay! Happy birthday! Have some food poisoning!

The bacteria that did that will certainly pay...with their, um, life?

The upside is that the day really couldn't go anywhere but up from there (considering ALL the possibilities it really could have gotten worse), which it did. And ended with 2.5 hours of ballet, catching up with some dear friends (that's you Farthead!) and some relax time.

So that's all for now.

Don't you have some monster grant due like tomorrow?

Yep. I do. And I'm totally freaked out about it but eh, can't do too'll go out.

Your story was stupid. I want to hear more about sex or you making an ass out of yourself.

Later. Not this time.

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Blogger Sun Follower said...

happy barfday :)

SERIOUSLY... happy b-day!

4:18 AM

Blogger BSH ADMIN said...

Well at least you got to make out with the meatball... twice.


5:00 PM


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