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Monday, July 21, 2008

There Will Be Bruising

Look! These are my newest shoes. Aren't they pretty? And pink? And satiny? (the picture really doesn't do them justice)

They hurt like a mother lover. So much that I haven't made it through a whole 45 minute class yet with them on (35 minutes is my limit in the 3 weeks since starting). And thought myself a total sissy but then talked to more people & they were like 'when I started, I could only keep them on for 5 minutes'.

Who's the sissy now?!

Speaking of torture, I made plans with a pal to go see Mamma Mia this weekend. See, we were going to the beach originally but it was mega-too-hot-even-for-the-beach & slated to rain like monsoon-style so instead we opted to pay 10 bucks for 2 hours of air conditioning (side note: it's effing hot on my walk to work it's 90 degrees at 8:40 a.m. in CC & it did rain monsoon-style on Sunday). On the way to the theater I just happened to stop in Oilily & found pretty much the worlds cutest socks on sale so I bought them. And if anybody has you know, like an extra $85 to throw around, I would accept the red butterfly tank top with the beads & the cool stitching that they're selling (size Small please!). So anyways, the first thoughts of this movie were that it'd be totally dumb & was maybe wasting my money. But it turns out that it was awesome. Hilarious. Didn't take itself seriously at all & just a whole lot of fun. Unlike Sex & the City, which was horrible & such a disappointment. But I guess there was a lot expected from the whole anticipation of S&TC.

(Ir)Regardless, Mamma Mia was really great. And Sex & the City sucked ass. And Lars & the Real Girl was fantastic, too. And I've found myself watching a lot of movies again. Tonight's The Whackness. And I've been going out for breakfast & lunches on the weekends again, too, which is a nice way to go to some really yummy, nice restaurants for less money. And that way I kind of have a list of places for hot men to take me on dates once I feel like dating again.

Um, yeah, don't lie to yourself. 'Feel like dating'. More like 'can get a date'.

Hey, let me lie to myself any way I want to right now. I'm vulnerable & fragile.

Fragile my ass.

That's it. I don't want to talk to you anymore. that I mentioned breakfast, I'm hungry & think it's a breakfast for dinner kind of night.



Blogger Sun Follower said...

L.O.V.E. breakfast for dinner... sometimes cereal too!

You'll be ready when you're ready. :)

8:46 PM


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