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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chin up. Shoulders back.

Work is insanely busy. I'm actually just taking a minute off to clear my head & rearrange my thoughts before my little brain explodes.

Soooo....I think that the universe is testing me.

For like 5+ years I haven't had an overdraft fee. Why would I? I check my account like crazy. Yet I got a little over-productive, apparently, on paying bills. My electric charged me twice. Annoying but whatever. I called them & they were like 'whoops you have a new account so we'll just credit next month'. Cable charged me early by like 2 weeks. Um, okay, but that kind of messes up my schedule. 2 checks cleared that I thought had cleared like a month ago. My bee.

So when I wrote my rent check for Sept. 5, I was making sure that a new check would clear so that my account wouldn't get too low, right?

WRONG. Did you know that banks 'don't even look at the date on the check'?!?! That's total bullshit! Why have the freaking date on there in the first place?

Answer: so that you know for your records when you wrote it.

Question: But why does it matter when I wrote it if you're just going to run up into the future & cash it?!

Ugh. Looks like my weekend spending money is going towards stupid fees.

I think it's about time to slow the fuck down again & spend the weekend reading at Walden.



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me too.

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