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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Want Someone to Buy Cupcakes For

Aaaaand we're back in the Movie Phase.

Friday night I went to see Vicky Christina Barcelona. Um, awesome. Just go. Don't question me. Just. Go. See. It. I can't write any more about the film or I'll give it all away.

Popcorn & cherry coke for dinner.

Saturday was muggy & rainy & gross. Upon looking for the mail key in the keys that Ethan left the weekend before, there was none to be found. Yep, he forgot to leave the mail key. So, you mean it’s been 4 fucking months & I’m STILL taking time out of MY day to have to go do something (get a new key made) because he’s too careless & lazy to fucking make sure that he left it when he came to pick up his things?

The answer to that, my friends, is yes. Tonight, Tuesday, I will be taking time out of my evening (the only evening without classes or plans this week, mind you) to go get & pay for a new mail key.

But you know what? That is the last conceivable hassle I should ever have to go through regarding that relationship. And that feels good.

Back to Saturday…I’d made plans & REALLY wanted to cancel last minute but instead put on some Madonna to motivate myself. Got a little dolled up (actually put on eyeliner) & headed toward the 57 bus only to watch it pull away a block before I reached the stop. No biggie, these come every 10 minutes.

Then it started raining.

30 minutes later, I was already late if I took the bus & decided to just take a cab. The bus pulled up right before the next cab did so I got on the bus & opened Bluebeard in an attempt to calm my very wet self. 20 minutes later, already late for dinner, without having even made the transfer to the 2nd bus I exited & figured a cab would be by soon. A half mile later a cab came along.

About 2 minutes into the ride the driver’s telephone rang or made an alert. He fished it out of his pocket & struggled with the keys a little bit. After about a minute of that, he finally gave into the full on telephone stare while flying through intersections. Whizzing past cones & side mirrors while he, a couple times, turned completely around to look at me to ‘chat’. I was relieved that the ride was over. But also completely disoriented. I’d never been to Newton Center & had no clue where the restaurant was. So what do you do when you can’t find the restaurant? Walk into the closest one (Appetito in this case) & ask.

“Um, excuse me, could you please tell me where Sabra is?”

A very nice gentleman pointed me in the right direction & off I went skipping over puddles to enjoy what would be a lovely Middle Eastern meal, listening to stories about dancing and teachers and kind of where everyone was & how they got there. I heard reassuring tales of finding love, changing careers, back stage mishaps, etc. And then it was time to go.

A co-worker was having a birthday party…WITH A KEG…that evening so a friend & I were meeting up & heading over there for an hour or so. (having not been to a keg party in years it was like turning back the time to age 22)

Upon leaving Sabra no cabs, again. So I ducked back into Appetito, hoping that the previous gentleman wouldn’t be there or wouldn’t recognize me because what asshole stops in for directions to ANOTHER RESTAURANT & then after she eats comes back to ORIGINAL RESTAURANT and asks for the number of a cab service?

Wait. That’s me! I’m that asshole!!!

The cab would take 20 minutes (late to a party….again) so I figured if I ordered a glass of wine I wasn’t too much of an asshole. Turns out the man, whose name I can’t remember (another asshole move), is the owner so he chatted with me for the 20 minutes I was waiting for a cab. When I went to pay, he said to just come back sometime.

That, sir, I will do.

The taxi driver asked to where I was headed & I responded “some keg party in Brighton you can just drop me off by The Last Drop”.

“Oh yeah, I know wheyah that is. I live ovah theyah. You know I bring my OWN keg to a keg pahty.”


About 3 minutes later we’re flying through the hilly streets of Newton as she explained that this is how she gets to & from her mothers house. And then….

“You know, I wish I had my muthah’s cah right about now the headlights ah so much bettah.” (pause…start to accelerate & continues to through her next monologue) “Those kids who work durin tha day they get the nice cahs theyah parents buy them for em and they get to work during tha day and get the bettah jobs because they ah spoiled and don’t do nothin’ for it they get it all.” Mind you, we’re traveling about 35 miles per hour through windy, narrow roads WHILE THE AFTERMATH OF A FREAKING HURRICANE IS POURING RAIN ON US.

At this point I covered up the North Face logo on my rain jacket & nodded my head in agreement, not wanting to comment on her driving style or the fact that I feared for my life a bit at that point.

What a way to go!

“Hey heeyah we ah.”

“Thanks! Keep the change.”

“Oh have a beeyah foh me, k?!”

“I’ll have a couple for you.”

The party was surprisingly fun & it turns out that my pal, S (who I brought with), used to live with my co-worker. Yeah. Time to move cities again.

T & I went on a walk the next morning, her full of energy & me brushing the keg beer lint out of my brain. Over to Harvard Square, down Mass Ave & into downtown we found something. A cupcake shop. Cheating death yet again (this time due to the involuntary response of seeing a baked goods store that caused me to not look both ways), we found ourselves at Sweet. And that’s the best description of this place. Sweet. Sweet Jebus, it was delicious.

And so we sat there & I looked at T & said, “you know I think one of the most difficult things to get used to is not bringing treats home. That’s something that I really relish in, bringing home or baking cookies to see the smile on someone’s face.”

She nodded in agreement but think that it was more like a nod in “cupcakes sooooo good”. Yeah, I buy myself cupcakes but still like to share. Looks like my co-workers & friends will be receiving a whole lot of cupcakes.

Anyways, we hung out for a bit longer, walked around Newbury & finally made it back home with I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. Figured, it’d be nice to unwind with a sweet little movie after reading school stuff.

And guess what?

The movie pretty much sucked. Yeah, hate to say it but the review that I read that described it as an Annie Hall wanna-be set in Chicago pretty much nailed it on the head. Sorry Mr. Garlin.

So that’s that. Kinda ho hum. But certainly feeling a bit better. If anybody wants a cupcake, just give me a holler.



Blogger iamnot said...

Even cupcakes are sweeter with someone to share them.

Great story, well written.

11:13 PM

Blogger Jess said...

I LOVED it! Was that your crazy cabbie story? I felt like I could see her! I'm proud of you for being such a magnificent storyteller, Boyfriend :)

1:46 PM

Blogger BSH ADMIN said...

First of all, I need you to go ahead and mail me that cupcake. Second-- your tale of rain/lateness/cab mania? That's precisely why I spend my saturday nights at home on the couch painting my toenails and watching late 90s family TV.

10:43 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

You love Vicki Christina Barcelona - popcorn and cherry coke for dinner - cupcakes.... you ARE me!

Except for cabs in the rain...

1:40 AM


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