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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Together Again, Gee it's good to be Together Again

Like other holidays, Halloween has its own traditions. Some have been around forever & some get introduced & either don't stick or stay for the long haul.

If you hadn't figured out yet, Doba's in Boston now.


3 Halloweens ago Dobes & I took a trek up to the north side to find an Halloween costume. This year we too a trek from LMA up to Cambridge in search for the perfect butterfly wings.

Mission Accomplished: kinda.

The wings kind of suck. But oh well. They'll do. Not like I'll be paying attention to them since I'LL BE DANCING MY BRAINS OUT TOMORROW!!

Back to the story....

Dobes dropped me off at the costume shop & drove to find a place to park for his phone interview. The shop was, as expected, swamped. And upon entering I saw him, someone who either is Ethan or who looks just like him. I felt an immediate wave of nausea & high tailed it upstairs to the 'wing' section. I didn't want to check, to stare, there's no reason to talk. You know? What would the conversation been like?

'hey what's up? what's been going on? how are you?'

'um, none of your business. and you?'

'none of your business.'

'yeah, hope to not have to catch up with you for another 6 months.'

'yeah, bye.'


So I got the last wings possible (& have since mutated them into something decent...thanks dobes!) and left. Doba was no where to be found so I grabbed a DD coffee & 10 minutes later found him & we pulled off in his boat of a Buick.

We headed to the Taco Bell, well, got lost & finally found it, ordered our usuals (him: 7 layer & bean burrito & biscuit because this TB is also a KFC; me: 7 layer sans guac & crunchy taco supreme beans no meat) and sat down at a dirty table. And then we laughed. At everything. Talked & laughed. And laughed until we cried & couldn't breathe.

And the world was right again.

Not that there was anything wrong before but in those moments all of our stress, worries, & preoccupations vanished.

Transcendental friendship.

So an Halloween tradition has been solidified by its recurrence and a long distance friendship has been restored to its proper place through location.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Low Tide of the Night

Well well well, what have we here? A couple weeks go by & no blog post.

That's because you're a loser & don't have anything to write.

Correction! I'm a loser & have been to busy to write about my mundane life.

Right, like I said, you're a loser.

Uh. Oh. Hhhmmm....

Just got home from my class midterm. And to be honest, I'm beat. This test stuff just takes it out of me. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend was running around, studying & essentially burning up what was left of my little nub of a candle of energy. And to top it off, I had to re-write another roommate posting because SURPRISE I'm living alone again.

Who wants to be my roommate?!

Not me, loser.

Yeah, so it's a really long story that I still can't post because well, there isn't a conclusion yet but the long & short of it is that The Mayor (we'll call her) is splitsville.

She couldn't take you.

Actually, no, that wasn't it at all. There were a plethora of reasons. And to avoid slander or whatever I'll just leave it at that. And that I'm never ever ever living with a lawyer or law student again.

Onward & upward.

So you know how I have this 'thing' for math? And by 'thing', I mean LOVE FOR. Well, somehow this has leaked its way into who I'm attracting lately. Engineers. Weird, huh? It's like I give off some mathematical formula pheromone or something. Regardless, a bunch of old insecurities have crept their way back into my little math-loving brain & I'm running for the hills, or maybe more appropriately my couch with a blanket, tea & ice cream. No, I'm not throwing in the towel but snuggling in the warmth of my friends' love & comfort.

You're just saying that because not even engineers want to lay you.

Not true. I could certainly get some male loving if I wanted to, I just don't want to start a relationship right now & don't think that I'm up for it.

Laying does not a relationship make, idiot. Now go be a slut.

But I don't wanna.

Suit yourself but you know, even engineers don't wait around forever.

Thanks for the reminder.

And in Halloween news, I found someone to take my extra ticket for David Byrne on Friday. NONE of my friends wanted to go. Can you believe it?!

That's because you won't lay them.

No, it's because they're unaware of the awesomeness that Friday will be. I'm gonna dress up & wear glitter & dance around like a fool! It's gonna be awesome.

Speaking of other awesome things, I'm going to bed with a new book and hopefully some sweet sweet dreams.

Of getting laid, right?


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Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday at Walden

Doba, T & I went on a little visit up to Walden Pond & Concord on Saturday. I'll spare you the incredibly boring to everyone else but us details (except for one: we may or may not have sung Paper Bag in its entirety without having When the Pawn in the car...holla at a cappella). Let's just say it was a perfect Saturday. Then I came home & made a caramel apple pie, complete with homemade caramel sauce.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cindarelli Cindarelli!

Q: What am I doing tonight?

A: Going to the ballet.



Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, made it home safe & sound. With the most painful zit I think I've ever had in my life like right next to my eyebrow.

Hope I don't have a botfly!!!

(more pictures to come)


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hold tight, you might get what you're after

So still no resolution to alluded situation. This has become a much bigger deal than necessary, unfortunately, for all sane parties involved. Boo.

Anyways, I leave for Mexico in less than 36 hours to sit by a pool, read non-school books & be fed pina coladas. No, I don't actually even really like pina coladas but it just seems fitting. Oh yeah, and I have an ocean view room all to myself. And I've already paid for all of it.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. (Gangsta=grants manager person who's spread completely too thin with school & dancing on the side)