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Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday at Walden

Doba, T & I went on a little visit up to Walden Pond & Concord on Saturday. I'll spare you the incredibly boring to everyone else but us details (except for one: we may or may not have sung Paper Bag in its entirety without having When the Pawn in the car...holla at a cappella). Let's just say it was a perfect Saturday. Then I came home & made a caramel apple pie, complete with homemade caramel sauce.



Blogger elizabeth said...

how perfect... and now I want to make a caramel apple pie. yumm

3:09 AM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

carmel apple pie recipe, please?

beautiful pics... a REAL fall... *sigh* it was 92 in LA today :(

11:41 PM

Blogger BSH ADMIN said...

WHOA are you friends with Michael Cera?

3:44 PM


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