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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Could Have Been

Why helllloooo there.

Okay, so yeah, I promised a post all about dating stories. Guess what. I lied. Started writing a post about the adventures in singleland & it just wasn't clicking. And made me realize that really, it hasn't been so bad out here, all things considered. Maybe I'll tell more detailed stories later but not for now.

BUT as a brief summary I'll just say: in August I met a dude on the web (whatever, I was itching big time for a date...just one date, as it'd been a loooong time), he is very nice, talented & a great person but clearly not a fit. We still talk & I'm very happy about that. Hi D! (edit: D is the baddest ass Chinese mofo on the face of the planet, in addition to being a sweetheart)

That's cool move on.

Then I met a dude while taking myself out for a wine & appetizer at Upstairs. He seemed nice (& is but quite socially awkward, which I wrote off at first since he's some MIT hot shot & they tend to be weird), we went out a bunch of times buuuut, again, no. Yes, I realize (for those who have heard the story) that there's more but really, is it any fun? No, it isn't. However, I can now say that I've gotten 7 booty calls within a couple days (note: failed attempts). If you want to know the whole story behind this, call.

Currently, I'm kind of (totally) swooning over an incredibly cute boy who's intelligent, funny and holds my hand just how I like it. He's offered, with not even a hint of suggestion from me, to pick me up from class on the past two Wednesday nights (class is in a pretty cruddy area of Boston & way out of his way) to then take me out to dinner. Here's the kicker....he's 25. And owns drunk jenga. I realize that these are not valid reasons to stop dating someone but come on now, I've dated 25 year olds before & that didn't pan out so well and drinking games. Really? I haven't played drunk jenga since freshman year at the CSU Pike house (that was before they got kicked off of campus for an inappropriate homecoming float....after that I refused to go anywhere near there). But hey, it's fun for now. And who knows. That's what dating's all about, right?

On to the main story.....Thanksgiving.

Originally, it was going to be me, Doba & a group of orphans (people who don't go home for holidays, not like parentless children) at my place. One by one people have booked plane tickets. So it was looking like the guests at ## xxxxxx st would be me & a bottle of cranberry vodka. Not necessarily the happiest of holidays. But I thought, 'you know, I've been alone on Thanksgiving before.....that year in Breckenridge when I worked & during my break from the tee shirt shop I called my family on my cell phone in the dressing room, crying while they passed the phone around....that wasn't so bad, you know, I just went home & put on a fire & wrote down 100 things I was thankful for & well, watched Dancer in the Dark & hey, I'm alive right?'.

But then on Monday, while at dancey pants, I got a text from the most lovely Miss Ali W. asking if I was going to be around for Thanksgiving and if so, would I like to come down to Brooklyn to spend it with her. Well, I work in a hospital & anyone who works in a hospital knows, the day after Thanksgiving isn't a day off. So I asked my boss & despite most people already being out, I got it off.


So now, instead of being a bit sad about being alone on a day when you're supposed to give thanks to all of this things around you (not like I wouldn't have but in my opinion, Thanksgiving is the worst to be alone....Christmas is much easier), I'll be with one of my best girls cooking and hanging out and enjoying each other's awesomeness in NYC. We haven't seen each other in like 2 years but talk regularly & I'm just so excited & happy about spending the weekend with such a great person.

And there's a cherry......MY COUSIN WILL BE IN TOWN TOO!!!!!

Jen & Des (cousins) are busy but at least we'll be able to meet up for a little bit. Like usual, everything seems to be working out a-okay. And that feels really good.

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Blogger Sun Follower said...

Sounds like good things to be thankful for... and internet-dating is hard... so are younger men... how does everyone else do it?

1:24 AM

Blogger iamnot said...

I used to enjoy those orphan holidays.
Glad you got a Thanksgiving gig after all.

9:38 AM


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