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Thursday, February 05, 2009


So I've been making a point to be healthier or whatever. You know, drinking less units of the boozamahol, regular exercise (always good about this but in addition to ballet, I'm doing yoga again, if not more & am walking at least 20 miles/week), eating regular & vitamin-rich meals, cutting down drastically on smoking (holla at the same pack since Sunday!!!), flossing my teeth everyday & taking a multi-vitamin every morning.

Well guess what.

My hard work is NOT paying off. God apparently does not want me to be healthier.

This morning my tumtum started to ache a little bit on my walk to work. And then it got a little better. And then a lot worse. So I googled what was wrong with me & WebMD told me that I have tumtum cancer, which I don't really believe because all of my WebMD-cancer-generated was eradicated last year after my lymphoma went away (doctor prescriped hydracortizone cream for my face herpes/eczema/stress & then it totally went away after I wasn't totally freaked out & unhappy all the time living with someone who's goal it was to make me miserable & mine him).

But then I was like 'woah, I didn't have my usual glass of Micronutrient juice this morning to go with my Multi-vitamin maybe that's it!'. And it turns out that it is. According to several accurate interweb sites, I have overdosed on vitamins & should immediately seek medical attention because I took a vitamin on an empty tumtum. Anyways, there's a lot to do today so I'm gonna take my chances & if I start barfing blood or something then maybe I'll take a hop skip to Beth Isreal.

Hopefully I won't die of something like being too healthy but you never know.