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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 (make that 4) Quick Things

1. Not fungal & don't worry, I asked about everything. It's currently cleared up (which was expected after less than 48 hours).

2. Allergist appointment in MAY. Yes, MAY is the earliest I can get in. Hopefully no outbreaks. But in case, I have Benadryl & my EpiPen on me (which I would anyways once spring comes around).

3. Quote of today: "Damnit, how am I supposed to start my day when I don't have any floss left?" (never thought I'd say that or that I'd go through a 100 ft roll of dental floss.

4. Quote of yesterday during a conversation with 25YO in which he was pissing me off so I called him on it....Him: great, so you just called me fake & inconsiderate. have a lovely day.....Me: you forgot immature. Yes, I went there and it felt good.

Time to break up a cat fight & get 6 (hopefully!) hours of sleep.....long day, long ANTM, early morning tomorrow with a lot of work, ballet & studying.



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