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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ain't No Party Like a Sweatpants Party Cuz a Sweatpants Party Don't Stop

Tyra (aka Bacon Weave) did not disappoint tonight. As tradition on America's (blink) Next (blink) Top (blink) Model (blink blink), they take a trip somewhere outside the US (this cycle is Brazil.....which is brazilliant!). Anyways, so Tyty always busts out where the girls are all going in the beginning of judging & pretty much repeats "so you'll all be going to (insert destination) except for one of you".

Nice girl that Bacon Weave is.

So Street Preacher London (who vastly disappointed in that she did NOT go all Jebus on the girls, which is what I was hoping for) went home or rather is not to Brazil.

Tonight was Taylor's, after I ran home from work (which I'm going to start doing more often....too bad work doesn't have a shower because I'd run there in the morning), which essentially means that I'm exhausted at this point.

But, there are two things I'd like to share before climbing into my lovely plaid bed & snuggling up with Georgie, Henry & a crossword.

First, a thought that was brought up while making dinner & discussing men we've met at bars & subsequently "dated":

T: You know, picking someone up at a bar sometimes is more dangerous than driving home drunk.

Me: I certainly would never advocate or condone drinking & driving but in an abstract, conceptual way if you make it home safe driving & didn't hurt anyone it's over. Conversely, sometimes those pick-ups can last for a long time & it's not a good thing.

T: Exactly. Both are pretty bad news & have the potential to punish your lack of judgment for a long time.

Second, gfy posted a link to an interview with Bai Ling. Mmmm.....the Bai. She's such a cool glass of crazy water. Here's the link.

I'd like to point out a couple things real quick-like.

1. "I’ve never acted this crazy and free in any movie." Please note the IN A MOVIE part....real life, Bai is as crazy as you get. (see 2nd paragraph of 1st question & rest of interview)

2. "I hate shopping. I don’t go shopping. If I do, I run in and out. But she loves it." She? "A spirit. And when I go shopping, she feels open and sexy."

3. "And actually, I just made a movie. It’s not based on the book, but it’s called Nipples: Secrets of My Dreams. I shot it, directed it, starred in it with my eight little spirits." And who are these 8 spirits? "Eight Little Spirits in Miniskirts."

Wait for it....

4. "They’re sitting on your hair, on your shoulder, on your nails. I’m like their peacemaker, because they don’t like each other. I have a panda, a chicken, a dolphin … I have a monkey … All in miniskirts."


5. "But while I was there, I was like a little girl having the time of her life. My panda was sleeping at the time. He was like, “Hey — you’re destroying yourself!” But the other spirit was like, “Shut up! Give me a shoe. I have to get onstage.” I was totally nuts." She's referring to her time on some VH1 singing show. What shoes have to do with anything is beyond me....but not beyond Bai.

Friends, I'm beginning to think that my old roommate, Whack-a-doo, might be Bai Ling or one of her relatives because reading this article closely resembles some of our conversations. Which I honestly wish I would have picked up on about 8 months ago.

Ugh. I have to be at work by 8 tomorrow so it's off to bed. Currently, I'm working on putting together & editing a P01 & about 5 other stimulus grants. Fortunately, this is what I like doing. It's the financial, cost transfer bullshit that I could do without forever.

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