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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

The big one is done. Well, pretty much. Just needs to be assembled (not me) & FedExed (not me again). It's at Kinko's now. This baby came to 474 pages & about 4 inches thick & over $18 million. I'm this close to soliciting myself to the NIH for money.

JOKING! (no, really, give us money, I beg of you)

You know that scene in The Jerk when Steve Martin is telling Bernadette Peters how each day seemed longer or shorter, yeah, this week has seemed like an eternity. And it's not over. I still have 4 little (mind you only $1 million (no sharks with laser beams attached....although that might be a good tactic)) grants to put together. I'm fried. We're all fried.

And it's only Wednesday.

But on the bright side, it's great having awesome friends like Taylor who hear in your voice just how fried you are & suggest that they make you dinner. Where do these people come from?!?!


It may be the place where nothing, nothing ever happens but for now, I'll take it. Until tomorrow morning that is.

So anyways, after I got the final "we're done" with the big grant I slipped on my running gear & ran home. Fucking fast. In the rain. I even chased down & beat the bus (mind you, the 66 moves sloooowwwwwly) to have clocked time that I didn't think I was any longer capable of doing (& certainly won't anytime soon).

Slow & steady was out the window.

Only to get home to no acceptance or rejection letter from BU. Again. Which is annoying since this clearly puts me into the pile of "Maybe"s. Ugh. It's been 7 weeks.


(honestly, the not 800 pissed me off royally & I was really disappointed in myself so I could see how they'd expect more too)

Patience is wearing thin at this point & I'm really trying to not be an asshole. But like I said in the last post, there really isn't anything I can do about some issues so I may as well keep on keeping on. Thankfully I have friends who take care of me & make life easier.


As for vehicular traffic in Boston & the "Massholes" out there.....well, I've solidified my belief that it isn't just automobiles. People in Boston don't know how to move. Once this whole Stimulus thing & my final's over, I think I'm going to begin asking people on the street where they learned to walk, as an experiment. Because as long as I've known human decency, you do not walk 5 horizontal & force someone into incoming traffic on an overpass. I will not shoulder-check (unlike my pal Stacey, god love her) but I have no problem pointing out that we have a finite amount of space here & that they are taking it all up without allowing those traveling in the opposite direction.

Okay, patience at a zero right now. Which clearly indicates a time for bed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, asking random people where they learned how to walk in Boston of all places may not be the way to go. Unless you are well versed in thuggery-fighting. Just putting that out there, or you could get a tazer, for comedy reasons.

10:05 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Oh, I'm not going to do that in like Dorchester or anything. Brookline & Cambridge are pretty thug-free. But I do like that taser idea. Just for the hell of it.

BTW, no ice cream for dinner last night. It ended up being cheesecake with homemade whipped cream & strawberries.

2:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


homemade whipped cream and strawberries?


2:52 PM

Blogger emertron said...


Well, first it was hand-made raviolis with homemade sauce. and followed up with the cheesecake. I've decided that I want to eat like that everyday. Now, to find the time to cook like that is another obstacle.

Did you get your ice cream?

3:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my ice cream and it was... an experience. Except that I didn't get a sundae like the one I described. I went for butterscotch.

5:40 PM

Blogger emertron said...


Experience? Good, I hope.

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just not having had it in a long time. It became an experience discovering it again.

11:05 PM

Anonymous Jess said...

HOW DID YOU GET A 710 in the math GRE?!?! You know what I got? NO! Because I will never, ever part with that information, for all the frappuccinos in Starbucks.
That said, congrats. That's amazing. Well done, friend.

9:03 PM


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