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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We are Sore the Length of our Bodies, We Restore Water we Cry

Ugh. Busy busy busy. And tired tired tired. I have a big weekend coming up with Physics John coming in for a quick visit. And a big gay party on Saturday night. It'll be awesome, I'm sure but Sunday will more or less be a wash of John & me inevitably dragging our asses all around Boston in an attempt to get the vodka lint out of our brains. Anyways, this last weekend was stressful. Which is partly why this is so blah.

Friday night Michelle met me in Harvard Square after my eye doctor appointment & we did the cream, visit Clare, run into Ethan.


Thank Bokonon he didn't try to talk to me. Not that I think that he would. But he definitely saw me & ew, I'm just grossed out right now. It completely threw me for a loop.

Seeing ghosts.

Saturday was the last day with Doba. He moved back to KY on Sunday morning & that pretty much broke my little heart. At one point when we were driving I started crying & could barely get out "what the hell am I going to do on Saturday night?". That's not the only or even close to most important reason for the sadness of his departure. But something shallow was appropriate.

We drove down to Dedham, which by the way, is not somewhere I'd be too excited to visit pretty much ever & the following scene occurred. The "GarMindy" told us that we were 100 yards away from our destination while traveling under an underpass so I turned to Dobes & was like 'dude, where are you taking me? I'm going to get raped!' to which he replied "No. You're with me. WE'RE going to get raped."

The last hooray in Boston.

Work's a total bitch right now but I'm happy to have a job. Especially one that's allowing me to do a shitton of editing & reading this month.

And I got another 100% on a paper this week. Yeah, what's up defending the anti-ultra-low-diesel fuel power plant in Chelsea! This is certainly reaffirming my hope & desire to start writing more research papers.

And and, I started running again. Never thought that I would and I am being very careful not to go overboard (have a schedule). It feels good. Physically & mentally. I'm planning on a summer full of 5Ks. Starting with the AIDS one & Chelsea Creek in June.

Okay, I need to head to bed & finish Good Omens. Great book, by the way.

More funny stories soon. This serious crap es para los pajaros.

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Anonymous Jess said...

Good Omens is one of the best books in the world.

9:09 PM


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