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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Mmmmm.....this was a recharge weekend. Nice & calm. Reminds me how much happier I am living like this.

Friday night brought me right back to Junior year of high school. I babysat for Dalia & further reinforced that I want to have kids. She's an 8-month-old peanut & just so fun & happy. We laughed & talked & practiced crawling. She went to bed for me just fine. So with the rest of the night I watched Miss Congeniality & fell asleep on the couch, empty pizza box to my right.

Saturday morning we went to see the Easter Bunny & the line (an hour & a half to pay to sit on some big, overheated bunny's lap) allowed Raniah & me to gossip & gab & enjoy each others' company. The picture is now on my mantle in a lovely silver frame. Running didn't happen since it was raining out & the gym closed early. Oh well.

And then last night Neighbor Jess & I watched Australia & drank Boddington's. Michelle joined us for a while & actually asked a question I have been tip toeing around for some time....what is my plan for next year. I don't want to move. I love this apartment. I set it all up a year & a half ago & have since made it a home. There are no more ghosts. Only Michelle & me. The art is hung just where we like it. We have fresh flowers in here at all times. George & Henry are happy with a lot of space to run around & windows to watch birds. That being said, I was afraid that Michelle was looking for somewhere else (come on, seriously, I have reason to be paranoid what with roommate history). But no, she asked if I was hoping to stay because she is. I almost started crying. Really, lump in the throat. Save the lack of manz & my job kinda shitting the bed, life is pretty damn awesome right now. School is great. (actually found a program in Spain if BU doesn't happen...that wouldn't be until 2010 though) My parents are happy & healthy. I have some of the most beautiful & inspiring friends who are compassionate & supportive. Sometimes I want to vom it's going so well.

A load had been lifted off of my chest.

So today was another morning waking up without an alarm (I love that). I read & lazed around for a while. Was hoping to play some tennis but it's too cold & windy so instead settled for a 2 mile jog (I'm already up to 2 miles comfortably again!). A mere 1/4 mile into it the dread shin splints came back full force but figured that this is such a short run, no biggie. Then at 3/4 in I had to fart. Bad. So I was like 'oh, that's why my tumtum has been feeling all weird'. About to relieve myself I realized that was no fart.


Looking around I saw that no one was on the track & there were bushes just a little bit away. Yes, that actually went through my head. We've all been there. But instead I somehow squeezed (ha ha ha ha!) in another mile & a quarter to finish up my jog & run very quickly home.

Cars stop for me. I stop for no one.

As for the rest of the week, I'll be going into work early, dancing, schooling & the like. Next weekend I've been invited to a party on Friday & Saturday nights. To be honest, I'll probably skip out on Friday's but go to the pub crawl (do people still really do these things?!) on Saturday because Stacey will be there & she's always a good time.

But here's a problem I need to resolve.....I have tickets to Bell Orchestre on May 1 & have no one to go with. Then Keane/Helio Sequence on May 21 & finally Passion Pit on June 18. Poor Michelle might be dragged to these things but she's not really 'into' music (or maybe the last two she'd be cool with but BO, yeah, I'd just feel bad). Joanie, my music bud, is into punk. Taylor's out. Raniah's out. So it's looking like I'm in the same boat I was for the David Byrne concert on Halloween (I'm still completely puzzled as to how NONE of my friends wanted to go to that show....they're idiots).

Ugh. Life's little troubles. (just kidding, not complaining, this one is not cancer, death, MS, moron roommates or living in North Dakota or shitting your pants)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Helio Sequence are awesome! Who wouldn't want to go to that!?

12:18 AM

Anonymous Jess said...

He he. I have storiiiiieeeeessss. . . about the runners runs. Not for public consumption, but next phone time. Good stuff.

9:07 PM


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