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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plan B

Well, I just got my rejection letter from BU. The plan to clean my apartment has been overtaken by a new plan. To drink a bottle of wine & pass out.

At least I tried.



Blogger jaysie said...

Tron, you are amazing. And I love you. Keep moving forward. That's what you are famous for.

11:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other day(s), I had been down and it was rightfully so. One of the awesome things about it was that someone was telling me these awesome hopeful things!

Having drank many a bottle of wine and passed out myself, I know the quickness in that.

May good things come. They will!

11:41 PM

Blogger emertron said...

J: I love you. Thank you for calling. And also reminding me that giving up is not a part of me. Spain, here I come! (again) Ole!!! But sooner, I will see you:)

P: Yes. The wine is kicking in a bit. Which is good for tonight. And there will be lots of good things. Thank you for the reminder.......there's a pint of chocolate peanut butter that's calling my name right now.

12:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.5 L double-bottles of wine.

Best thing that humanity has ever invented.

Enough to get you absolutely just wasted, but not enough to fully trigger the Hangover Machine 2000 the next morning.

12:50 PM


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