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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beggars Can Be Choosers. They Just Shouldn't

So, since people are supposed to be over on Friday, I figured that I should probably clean my room. You know, pick up the random stuff that's lying around on the desk, etc, but that I use regularly so I don't "put it away". Essentially pretend that I'm not a complete clutter person. And do laundry. And actually put it away. Yeah, I'm kind of lazy like that sometimes. Then I do it & am all "wow, I accomplished something other than work & school & dance".

Is it bad that I secretly (apparently not anymore) wish of having someone clean my house & do my laundry so that I can spend my time reading & dancing?

Anyways, I was thinking about "it" on my walk to work this morning. And by "it", I mean what's going on in my noggin lately. And it's that nothing exciting or fun has happened recently. Which is exactly what I'd wished for. I guess when I wanted a relaxed summer, what I meant more was that I wanted a summer in which work was lazy, that I could leave at 5 everyday without worries, & that I'd have plenty of free time to just walk around. And that just hasn't happened. Well, it has in some senses but not others. I mean, if it were up to me, some amazing dude would be attempting to sweep me off my feet right now & that'd be an okay busy. But FAFSA forms?! Gross.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Post 501

Oh man, what a day. A very tiring day. But still a day. Stacey packed up & moved boxes into my storage area today. She has one more week here. On the drive from her home to mine, I was completely choked up. And from moving heavy boxes for a couple hours, I'm now completely exhausted. Mentally & physically. I hate saying goodbyes and tend to sneak out in the night to avoid them.

Friday afternoon is my birthday party at the house. Only a few people are coming over because, well, I didn't want to clean up after a few dozen acquaintances. This way, it'll be nice & relaxed & just the closest friends will be around.

Work is pretty insane again. So much to do. And it seems that I keep getting more piled on. It's frustrating & tiring & I feel a bit like I'm drowning right now.

Well, off to get some rest. Tomorrow's another day.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Endings

I woke up this morning, looked at the clock (6:45), looked at George, looked at Henry, & debated calling in to work because I just wasn't ready to go back but then decided that there were way too many things to do & grants to work on to be a bum on the couch & use up "sick" time in order to recoop my sad, whiney ass solely because I was feeling emotionally bankrupt. In my little mind I put together how to pack the daily bag & be able to run (literally) home, shower, pick up le Staces & the plants Michelle & I are inheriting for what will probably be our last Monday Night Supper Club (wah, big cries like bigger than when I put her So Long Stacey mix together and was all cryey writing out the ceedee jacket thing....had to leave her going away party before I got all drank & was like DOOOOON'T GOOOOOOOO and also promised to be a DJ Smackdown at the Middle East), feed the cats, get food for MNSC & so on & so forth.

I thought it was Monday.

It's not.

Fuck. Yeah.

Lazy Saturday Afternoons

When I arrived home today I remembered that there was something important to say. Or that I thought was important. Yet remembering this incredibly important thing didn't happen.

What was so important that I stopped myself in attempt to remember?

While uploading the photos from last night & today I remembered. Bookstores. I love bookstores. And libraries. The scent of old books calms me. It intoxicates me. If time need not bother, I stay there for hours. Only to leave for food & then excitedly read the new find in a park while eating. The smell of old books makes me weak in the knees. Really. Today, I spent a couple hours in a bookstore on Boylston that is about to move (so they're having a moving sale). And debated buying prints that although completely fit how I like to decorate, were entirely too expensive. Yes, a bookstore that also sells horticulture prints with each plant's description. And they play good jazz & classical (that being the broad classical not the exact time period).


They had an article taped up about Vonnegut (picture) which brought tears to these big, hopeful eyes. Irving & I had a literary affair for a while & I still hold Garp very close to my heart. East of Eden is my comfort book, which I keep by my bed in the case of the need for literary mac & cheese. I've loved many a Spanish & Hispanic-American literature author. But no one compares to Vonnegut. At this point, I think I've owned close to a dozen copies of Breakfast of Champions yet now don't have any because I keep lending them out & not getting them back. Which is why I try to keep extra copies of my favorites on hand to share.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Breaking Lightbulbs

So there is actually a good reason for not posting yesterday.....the internet connection at my apartment shat the bed. So instead of toying with it, I went out & drank Narragansett at this dj smackdown thing at the Middle East. Responsible, eh?

Note to self: do not drink Narragansett, it is disgusting & leaves you with a headache reminiscent of PBR.

Off to go walk around & get this Gansett lint out of my head.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balanced on the Seam Between My Memories and Dreams

So yeah, these past couple weeks have a theme: vague.

Despite the intention of this summer acting as a relaxed, energy-charging venture, I've once again found myself with plans every night, if not double-plans.

Not complaining.

Just noticing that, in general, the life I choose remains one surrounded by lovely people, participating in lovely activities.

Tonight, Jake, Katie & I dipped our feet into Frog Pond after a delicious tapas dinner. How could staying at home rival that? It doesn't. So instead, lately, staying in on weekend nights has won over attending parties. Which was what I did in college, too. Strange how it all comes back around.

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Emotional Setbacks

It's amazing how much better your girlfriends, a tough pilates class & portabello ravioli with vodka sauce can help a bruised ego.

Next week: maybe dinner here on my walk home.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Things I'll never Understand

Like why some guy will ask for your number (sober, mind you) and then not call. I would ask someone to explain this but really, I've heard the explanations, the formality, blah blah blah.

OMG.....You finally got laid! Some dude did you & left. Good for you!!!!!

No, I didn't get laid. I got nothin'. I gave my phone number to some guy who I'd been talking to at a concert when he asked asked for it.

Jesus, you can't even trick a guy into getting drunk & then getting down with you? Pitiful.

Anyways, any single guys who happen to stumble upon this (& all 2 of you who read this), please, just don't ask. That way there isn't any question. Because despite you attempting to be "nice", what you're actually doing is needlessly putting an idea into our heads that could be avoided by using even less energy.

Talk about efficiency!

Oh well. He probably has weird sexual behavior or something.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Night Supper Club

These are two of the most beautiful, artistic, articulate, silly & wonderful women in Boston. Such blessings.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Favorite Bosnian

After the super-wholesome day, Jesse & I then proceeded to naughtify ourselves at Rusmir's going away party. A bittersweet ordeal that included more fun than I could put into words & tears because one of Boston's best residents will soon be at Georgetown for yet another degree (the kid keeps racking them up).

So on his going away book I wrote him this:

Rusmir I adore
Everywhere you go is love
My tits will miss you

It's amazing how you meet people & they effect your life. 2 of my closest Bostonians are leaving at the end of the month. There will certainly be a lot of crying in these next couple weeks.



On Saturday I woke up, feeling great after a Bendryl-induced sleep (accidental pepper-eating mishap on Friday was not pretty). Made it to an early ballet class, dropped off a package at the post office & bought fresh flowers for Michelle's & my home. Neighbor Jesse got us tickets for Revels, which I'd not heard of. It's this folksy music thing that they do out east & really fun. Very wholesome. We got root beer floats afterwards.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Revisiting Old Fashions

Way back when, my mom wore these huge sunglasses. And by wore, I mean that when I was home she brought them back out for my birthday celebration (see: eating an amazing dinner & cake with cheerses in between).

Schmale & I used to call her Terry the Bug.

Not surprised, they've come back into fashion.

It's Friday night. I feel exhausted from what I can only describe as revisiting undergrad (work, ballet, party, work, party, work, volunteer, show). Except work would be school & it didn't take up 9 hours straight.

Bed time.


Favorite Book Cover

Every time I see this, I laugh my ass off.


First Meal

The Passion Pit concert tonight turned out much better than anticipated. In more ways than anticipated. We'll see how things go.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stealing Pictures

So that 30 in 30 thing has clearly fallen through. (Ir)Regardless, today's post comes from yet another new library of incredible photos. (thanks Tu!)

Once my lazy ass actually uploads pictures from this weekend, I'll double-post. Including the newly blonde hair (Jessie).


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bloggin' from the Suburbs

Today brings a pictures from mom's photo archive.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Do you ever dream that random wild animals are around you, chasing you but then end up friendly?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How cells operate

As a woman, you're supposed to keep some things a secret. Especially bodily functions. I thoroughly appreciate that my parents (namely my father) taught me otherwise. Farts are hilarious. And poop is too. Pee is like the not-as-funny function but still has its place in humor.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day 2?

The studio & the walk.

Boston misses you Physics John.


Monday, June 08, 2009

You Don't Have to be a Scientist to do Experiments

Monday Night Supper Club 6.7.09

Around 6 o'clock Stacey & I met up in Coolidge Corner. Her, cheerful with veggies in tow. Me, newly strawberry blonde, feeling like the highlights make me look like someone who actually "does" her hair. We talked about a million things while walking home. Then we ate hot dogs & laughed for about 3 hours while listening to Porch Music 2005 & Rabbit Songs.

I'm really going to miss Stacey, as she's moving out to Portland, OR, for law school. But for the time being, I'll relish in weekend parties & Monday Night Supper Club.

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30 things in 30 days.....

.....that I find/do/look/feel/taste/smell/sound/etc. interesting/funny/odd/silly/etc. Every day I'll post a picture of the 'it' or somehow related (except for if I'm next weekend in Chicago I might not be able to). I need a simple project right now.

It begins tonight with Monday Night Supper Club.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pet Peeve Number Three-Thousand, Two-hundred, Eighteen

The use of "my". For some reason it's incredibly irritating to hear someone say "my school" or "my church" to me. Yes, I realize that it's simply a way of associating yourself with a thing. But ever since PY101, it's bugged the hell out of me. Most of my friends use "my" sparingly in that way which I feel majority of the time inappropriate. I would notice if they did. Maybe it's when someone is saying "my (insert)" all the time that really bugs. You don't own it. It actually isn't owned by anyone. How about "the school I went to"? In Intro to Psych (PY101) I was fortunate to have an amazing teacher. He taught a base-level psych class but it hit on points that we tend to gloss over in society. Problems that if we actually took the time to project forward we could avoid in our personal lives & as a society.

I should probably retitle this "how doug woody changed my life".

His research was on groups & how a normal human being acted while influenced by the group. In the fall of 1997 I listened to a lecture about groups, by the Spring of 1998, he had begun an open lecture on this subject. He very clearly stated that although many people thought of it as "cult behavior", we so naturally fall into groups (not a bad thing) & that we have such a negative connotation towards the word "cult" when chances we're all in one. Church groups, band, greek life. He spoke specifically that the reason he became so passionate about communicating that issue to university students was the incredible amount of data that proved the two largest groups affected by schemes & recruiting was among the new college student & elderly. We're both lonely. We don't feel like we fit in.

Many cases that we hear about are extreme, but Dr. Woody (hee hee!) brought to light the dynamics of group behavior. And how groups certainly help with our coping. But can also turn out dangerous. How we automatically (most of us) put "I'm a blank" (hello! that silly tag that I have of being a fat ballerina). Let's be real, we judge. It's nearly impossible not to & in order to live a nonjudgemental life, well, I certainly haven't found it in society. It's natural to do so. The guards tend to be let down a bit if it's rephrased as "I do" or "I work as".

Wow, this has gotten way tangental to the point.

I guess the direction that originated is that saying "my" takes it a step further. Yes, it's common in our vernacular but can sometimes hinder or hurt how others relate to us & really kind of pisses me off in some situations.

That being said, there's a 5k in the morning I'm running (see: jogging slowly). It's time to visit Angela Chase on DVD & rewatch what I so loved freshman year in high school.

On deck: how as much as I love my roommate, I haven't had an evening alone in the place since she finished's been 3 weeks.

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