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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beggars Can Be Choosers. They Just Shouldn't

So, since people are supposed to be over on Friday, I figured that I should probably clean my room. You know, pick up the random stuff that's lying around on the desk, etc, but that I use regularly so I don't "put it away". Essentially pretend that I'm not a complete clutter person. And do laundry. And actually put it away. Yeah, I'm kind of lazy like that sometimes. Then I do it & am all "wow, I accomplished something other than work & school & dance".

Is it bad that I secretly (apparently not anymore) wish of having someone clean my house & do my laundry so that I can spend my time reading & dancing?

Anyways, I was thinking about "it" on my walk to work this morning. And by "it", I mean what's going on in my noggin lately. And it's that nothing exciting or fun has happened recently. Which is exactly what I'd wished for. I guess when I wanted a relaxed summer, what I meant more was that I wanted a summer in which work was lazy, that I could leave at 5 everyday without worries, & that I'd have plenty of free time to just walk around. And that just hasn't happened. Well, it has in some senses but not others. I mean, if it were up to me, some amazing dude would be attempting to sweep me off my feet right now & that'd be an okay busy. But FAFSA forms?! Gross.



Anonymous Stephen Gilbert said...

Ellis is the name of one of my best friends... so I can honestly say that yes, he is.

10:29 PM

Blogger emertron said...


The Ellis I'm referring to is one of the profs I work for. I got an email from him yesterday & can tell that he's starting to feel like he's spun out of control. It's interesting how you can pick up on others when you feel the same way.

9:39 AM

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