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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emotional Setbacks

It's amazing how much better your girlfriends, a tough pilates class & portabello ravioli with vodka sauce can help a bruised ego.

Next week: maybe dinner here on my walk home.



OpenID pliggot said...

I wish all "spas" had lunch and groceries... and Whole Foods Market may start that one day, but until then, this is golden.

Let the douchebags have their parties where they drink wine coolers and listen to Dave Matthews.

11:34 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Oh yeah. Totally. That's actually a great idea. You know, since eating has come back in. When I took this picture there was a man outside taking out the garbage & he jokingly was motioning for no pictures being taken of him (you know, tongue in cheek paparazzi thing) which I appreciated & laughed at.

I respect his joke but that there is a bit of truth to it. Boston has its little niches or holes in the wall. A lot of hidden-away gems that have no desire to be well-known. They're content on just "making it". Just look at the North End. You don't hear about it unless you live here yet it houses the best Italian food I've ever eaten. Streets & streets of pasta made daily. I feel that way about Brookline in general. Maybe it's just being a gentile or whatever but no one told me about this incredible neighborhood that houses anything that you'd need daily and is a stone-throw from the city.

9:30 AM


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