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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Endings

I woke up this morning, looked at the clock (6:45), looked at George, looked at Henry, & debated calling in to work because I just wasn't ready to go back but then decided that there were way too many things to do & grants to work on to be a bum on the couch & use up "sick" time in order to recoop my sad, whiney ass solely because I was feeling emotionally bankrupt. In my little mind I put together how to pack the daily bag & be able to run (literally) home, shower, pick up le Staces & the plants Michelle & I are inheriting for what will probably be our last Monday Night Supper Club (wah, big cries like bigger than when I put her So Long Stacey mix together and was all cryey writing out the ceedee jacket thing....had to leave her going away party before I got all drank & was like DOOOOON'T GOOOOOOOO and also promised to be a DJ Smackdown at the Middle East), feed the cats, get food for MNSC & so on & so forth.

I thought it was Monday.

It's not.

Fuck. Yeah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to love that feeling at 3:23 a.m. when I realize that it is not time for me to wake up and I go back to sleep happily. Having it be a whole extra day!? Yes please.

7:50 PM

Blogger emertron said...

For reals. I've spent the day watching My So-Called Life with Michelle, getting my teensy little tattoo redone & then having to restrain myself from punching this dude on Harvard Ave who called me a slut.

Long story: after the re-tattooing Michelle & I were walking to the 2nd hand store & some douche threw a beer out of his apartment window, then was like "oooooo....I scared you" to 2 dudes walking in front of us. (which yes, he scared them & he could have hurt them) I glared at him. He responded with "what you slut?". And that's where my post-inking adrenaline kicked in & was like "what did you fucking call me?". He repeated it a few times. I was like "you do not call women that" & it was a good thing that he wasn't on the street (sitting in his window) because at that point, I was ripe with pissed-offness & possibly would have thrown a fist into his face or groin. We walked away, I pulled out my phone to make a call & walked back & asked him what his name was. Got his name & walked away but then the jack-ass decided to start following us, yelling his name & being all "oh you're gonna call your boyfriend to come over, well bring it on you slut" blah blah blah. Michelle, thankfully, talked me down & was like "em, just ignore him". Which worked out fine. Since, I've called a few choice people who live and/or work right around there, who all responded with "I would have been there in a second & kicked the shit out of that turd...why didn't you call me right away?". So rather than resorting to silly violence, I've just put out a silly call out on him to make sure that he will not be welcome pretty much anywhere around the area without an apology. No, I'm not important, they would do that for any woman. And they want to keep Lower Allston as douchebag-free as possible. But I will admit that I feel like a bit of a bad-ass.

8:46 PM

Anonymous Stephen said...

Maybe he should have been beaten up in an embarrassingly hilarious way. Like an old lady pushing him in the mud and calling him a slut while children beat him as if they thought he was a pinata waiting for candy to come out.

Saying my so called life makes me miss The Adventures of Pete & Pete and that Juliana Hatfield guess starred on both. I had the hugest crush on her.

9:27 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Oooooo....good call. Yeah, I figure he'll be humiliated in due time. It isn't my responsibility to make it happen.

Heh. A few years ago I Netflixed the Pete & Petes. They were entertaining but MSCL was like my absolute fav at age 14. Poor, romantically tortured Angela Chase. And man, what a jerk Catalano is. Pretty much the only role Jared Leto was decent in (I did not like Requiem for a all). He was so pretty.

9:35 AM


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