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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday Afternoons

When I arrived home today I remembered that there was something important to say. Or that I thought was important. Yet remembering this incredibly important thing didn't happen.

What was so important that I stopped myself in attempt to remember?

While uploading the photos from last night & today I remembered. Bookstores. I love bookstores. And libraries. The scent of old books calms me. It intoxicates me. If time need not bother, I stay there for hours. Only to leave for food & then excitedly read the new find in a park while eating. The smell of old books makes me weak in the knees. Really. Today, I spent a couple hours in a bookstore on Boylston that is about to move (so they're having a moving sale). And debated buying prints that although completely fit how I like to decorate, were entirely too expensive. Yes, a bookstore that also sells horticulture prints with each plant's description. And they play good jazz & classical (that being the broad classical not the exact time period).


They had an article taped up about Vonnegut (picture) which brought tears to these big, hopeful eyes. Irving & I had a literary affair for a while & I still hold Garp very close to my heart. East of Eden is my comfort book, which I keep by my bed in the case of the need for literary mac & cheese. I've loved many a Spanish & Hispanic-American literature author. But no one compares to Vonnegut. At this point, I think I've owned close to a dozen copies of Breakfast of Champions yet now don't have any because I keep lending them out & not getting them back. Which is why I try to keep extra copies of my favorites on hand to share.



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