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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pet Peeve Number Three-Thousand, Two-hundred, Eighteen

The use of "my". For some reason it's incredibly irritating to hear someone say "my school" or "my church" to me. Yes, I realize that it's simply a way of associating yourself with a thing. But ever since PY101, it's bugged the hell out of me. Most of my friends use "my" sparingly in that way which I feel majority of the time inappropriate. I would notice if they did. Maybe it's when someone is saying "my (insert)" all the time that really bugs. You don't own it. It actually isn't owned by anyone. How about "the school I went to"? In Intro to Psych (PY101) I was fortunate to have an amazing teacher. He taught a base-level psych class but it hit on points that we tend to gloss over in society. Problems that if we actually took the time to project forward we could avoid in our personal lives & as a society.

I should probably retitle this "how doug woody changed my life".

His research was on groups & how a normal human being acted while influenced by the group. In the fall of 1997 I listened to a lecture about groups, by the Spring of 1998, he had begun an open lecture on this subject. He very clearly stated that although many people thought of it as "cult behavior", we so naturally fall into groups (not a bad thing) & that we have such a negative connotation towards the word "cult" when chances we're all in one. Church groups, band, greek life. He spoke specifically that the reason he became so passionate about communicating that issue to university students was the incredible amount of data that proved the two largest groups affected by schemes & recruiting was among the new college student & elderly. We're both lonely. We don't feel like we fit in.

Many cases that we hear about are extreme, but Dr. Woody (hee hee!) brought to light the dynamics of group behavior. And how groups certainly help with our coping. But can also turn out dangerous. How we automatically (most of us) put "I'm a blank" (hello! that silly tag that I have of being a fat ballerina). Let's be real, we judge. It's nearly impossible not to & in order to live a nonjudgemental life, well, I certainly haven't found it in society. It's natural to do so. The guards tend to be let down a bit if it's rephrased as "I do" or "I work as".

Wow, this has gotten way tangental to the point.

I guess the direction that originated is that saying "my" takes it a step further. Yes, it's common in our vernacular but can sometimes hinder or hurt how others relate to us & really kind of pisses me off in some situations.

That being said, there's a 5k in the morning I'm running (see: jogging slowly). It's time to visit Angela Chase on DVD & rewatch what I so loved freshman year in high school.

On deck: how as much as I love my roommate, I haven't had an evening alone in the place since she finished's been 3 weeks.

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OpenID pliggot said...

"My" is so ingrained into the lexicon that it is assumed the correct thing to do... a nice look into that word.

Speaking of catching up with TV from HS or long ago, I have recently rediscovered The Critic. I love that cartoon.

1:01 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Thanks! Really, like I said, it's just something that kind of bugs & the people who tend to use it excessively also end up (in my interaction history...not scientific evidence, just my own experience) being annoying & lack an actual personality. This week, in particular, was a test of patience for me. Long story that won't get posted because it's more stupid than entertaining. In short, this girl uses "my" all over the place & it'll just be better to remove myself from situations & interact minimally, as to avoid improper reactions.

I used to lay in bed & watch Comedy Central cartoons while they were on & fall asleep. The Comic was funny but I was a huge fan of Dr. Katz. LOVED that show.

8:30 PM

OpenID pliggot said...

Oh Dr. Katz... how I miss thee.

This girl you are describing calls to mind those people who have this ego-laden self image that makes them talk about how "bad ass" they are. Wouldn't it be nice if there was this giant (non-australian) island we could put them all on?

12:05 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Squigglevision!!! I'm Netflixing those RIGHT now.

Never thought that I'd agree with something like that but yes, I do wish that there was somewhere to just send 'em on off to so that they could be very bossy to each other & brag on themselves all day long without having to listen to it. It'd be win/win, as the rest of the world would be more calm & they could do what they do about their favorite person (them!) & one-up each other constantly. Man, I kind of wish I could go into details but that's pretty immature & childish to air filthy laundry on the interwebs like that & you'd probably want to fly right up here & punch her in the face.

Say Lah Vee, right?

12:30 PM

OpenID pliggot said...

Say Lah Vee, Good Riddance, bye, etc. Past and past is what it is and if you punch her in the face, you should and film it and put it on the net for comedic study.

12:39 AM


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