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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Things I'll never Understand

Like why some guy will ask for your number (sober, mind you) and then not call. I would ask someone to explain this but really, I've heard the explanations, the formality, blah blah blah.

OMG.....You finally got laid! Some dude did you & left. Good for you!!!!!

No, I didn't get laid. I got nothin'. I gave my phone number to some guy who I'd been talking to at a concert when he asked asked for it.

Jesus, you can't even trick a guy into getting drunk & then getting down with you? Pitiful.

Anyways, any single guys who happen to stumble upon this (& all 2 of you who read this), please, just don't ask. That way there isn't any question. Because despite you attempting to be "nice", what you're actually doing is needlessly putting an idea into our heads that could be avoided by using even less energy.

Talk about efficiency!

Oh well. He probably has weird sexual behavior or something.

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