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Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Birthday Party

Yesterday I had a 30th birthday party for myself. It was amazing. By the end of the night costumes were dragged out and my collection of wigs worn by party-goers. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

We ate stuffed burgers, hot dogs, homemade bread, root beer floats, chips, etc. Drank champagne, beer, wine, soda, martinelli's and sparkling grape juice.

Spending time with my favorite people recharged my battery. And reassured how wonderful my life is. After a couple weeks of feeling sorry for myself, hating rain & generally being down in the dumps (not to mention getting devastating news), this was exactly what snapped me out of the funk.

So as I charge into 30, single, I am not alone. Fortunately, I have an army of beautiful artists, teachers, writers, computer programers, vending machine salesmen, surgeons and lawyers to stand with and love. Who also love me. What a lucky girl.

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OpenID pliggot said...

Happy Birthday!

Whoever made that cake deserves an amazing award, that looks awesome!

Enjoy your 30 year!

3:34 PM


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