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Friday, July 10, 2009

Chump Change

Yo. In the midst (goes out this afternoon) of another huge grant. This one is $14 million for HIV immunology. There is another one, for $20 million, at the end of the month. That will make it close to $100 million in submitted grants within less than 2 years.

I feel anxious, nervous & hadn't slept well (2 hour here, 3 hours there) in a week. Last night was the first time I've dreamt in over a week & I usually dream every night at least a little.

I'm usually a good sleeper, what can I say?

People want to "go out" after work. For Scorpion Bowls (super-sugary kool-aid + shelf vodka) at the Hong Kong (frat boys & bros) for Karaoke (voluntary public humiliation).

The bathtub & an enormous bowl of Breyer's Strawberry & my couch for a girlie movie seem much more in order. Fortunately, my friend, Heidi, who is also a masseuse (massage therapist, whatever), has open appointments this weekend. Hello 90 minutes of pure body love & thanks Dad & Mo for the birthday present.

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