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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary Boston!

It's been 2 years & I love you more now than the day I met you. I've skipped along the path with you, planted flowers in you, cherished each of the seasons twice now with you, and have grown an intimate relationship. You've been dependable by the likes of loving me even in my paint-stained sweatpants, providing me with delicious meals, cheering me up when I'm lonely with your restaurants, parks, ocean, and inspiring me to get out there even when I didn't want to. Thank you.

Alas, if only you were a man.

Tonight Michelle & I are celebrating by making eggplant parmesan, drinking red wine, and talking about how much you mean to us.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel you. I've been here 8 years and haven't missed any of the 7 states I lived in before this. Boston: You're My Home. (Until I move to Vermont)

9:14 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Ha ha ha! Sometimes I miss Chicago but feel like this is my home.

10:37 PM


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