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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Self Promotion

Yeah yeah yeah. It's been a couple weeks. I wrote this little thing for this website that you can find here:

#2 of the trilogy comes up soon. Just not tonight.

Instead, I'll selfishly finish off a completely selfish day by selfishly telling just how much I've loved myself today.

Long jog, shower to Graceland, walk to Harvard Square, brunch at Upstairs, finish the Mayor of Castro Street, grab a Parisian at Cardullo's for dinner, pick up snapdragons, walk home, arrange said snapdragons around the house in tall vases, fold laundry & put it away, open a nice bottle of Italian white, spend an hour with the roomie talking on the porch, watch Sex & the City reruns.


Mmmmmmm.....all that's left to do is to make my bed, take a shower (it's 2 showers/day weather here), and snuggle up with Georgie, a new book & a cup of tea.

What a day.

School starts in a week & a half so I've taken the liberty to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with Boston today enjoying some of my favorite activities in Cambridge. Next weekend is the Cape with Jeanne & Ryan. Throughout the next week & a half, I plan to enjoy how much this lovely city has to offer. So it's not really about the anniversary, but about enjoying this beautiful city while I can before starting up grad school for serious.

And in perfect timing, Monkey Boo called just a minute ago. Time to eat a delicious sandwich & chat with a lovely lady.

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