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Friday, September 11, 2009

Breathing Easy

This semester:
-Public Health Policy

Ballet classes:
-Monday with Marisa
-Thursday with Cosmin

Other activities:
-Book Club
-Writing for
-Time with friends
-Must find a Patsy for my Eddy from Abs Fab Halloween Costume (trying to get one of my men to dress in drag)

Last week:
Quit my job

This week:
Have slept well every night & woken up refreshed & happy

Cocktail with myself & dying my hair back to chestnut rouge & a nice, long car ride with Jonathan

This weekend:
Cape Cod & z-values

Next week:
Ian's wedding!

No stress stomach aches for over a week now. No panic attacks. No uncontrollable crying. No toothbrushing spurring involuntary vomiting. A smile on my face.

Maybe that's why the absolutely adorable waiter, D is what we'll call him, at Upstairs kinda hit on me Monday evening. He asked to take me up on my offer of lending him Cat's Cradle (it was much cuter than that). Guess who has a crush!

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