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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Have a Crush

EEEEEEEEEEEIEIEIEIEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIII!!!!!! Oh man, I have a crush. A big crush. I haven't had this big of a crush since Dr. Danger. And even that crush kind of didn't count because I was so nervous & reserved about myself the whole time. Know what? This time I'm going to actively try not to be so much.

I'm going to let my guard down.

Yes, I realize that this could mean the end of me. Doesn't work out, I may as well permenantly (or at least for like a month) hang up my boots & call it a day. Hello Vermont. Hello barn cats. Hello milking cows. Hello horseback riding. Hello farming. Hello artificial insemination.

Actually, that all doesn't sound too bad, eh?

But for now, I'm riding this wave. D asked me out last night after talking for quite a while. He's sweet. And so cute. And funny. And laughed at my dumb jokes. And british. And really, really smart. And really, really liked Cat's Cradle.

How am I ever going to sit through 4 hours of Public Health Policy tonight?



OpenID pliggot said...

Awww yeah.

6:10 PM

Blogger emertron said...

We'll see. Next post could be totally devastating.

But all in Yesterday (left out a bunch of stuff due to confidentiality whatever reasons) was a rollercoaster. Totally down then totally up. Still up.

For now.

11:01 PM

OpenID pliggot said...

May it stay on the up!

2:48 AM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

Crushes are the best.... ride the tide.

3:14 AM

Blogger emertron said...

No call :(

It was fun while my fantasy head life lasted. Back to reality & burying myself in studying.

3:15 PM

Blogger screetus said...

When the time comes, make sure he knows to spell it "underwear" and not "underware."

11:29 PM


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