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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

About Goddamn Time (3 of 3)

Around the end of June, a neighbor & I became acquainted with each other over taking out the trash on a Thursday night. As a surgeon, he's busy & being me, well, I'm busy too so our paths very rarely crossed. Usually to just talk trash.

Nice guy. Sweet. We hung out one night over a bottle of wine & good music. Later that week I found some rare Ben Folds ceedees in my mailbox from him. The next week we went to the latest Woody Allen. A glimmer of hope & interest but it just kind of wasn't there. You know? Still, a new friend never hurts.

Famous last words.

It was clear when he showed up at my birthday party (weekend before my birthday) with an enormous box of Modern Pastry that he was interested. At my birthday dinner (the actual night), he showed up & took me out for a while afterwards when the rest of the group headed back to their places for slumber.

Still, something felt missing.

About a week later he asked if I'd like to see another movie. Transformers? No. Some other action flick? No. How about we decide on Thursday? Fine. He told me that he got me something. I said to please stop buying things. He said that it was a birthday present & nothing big. Okay. He told me to remind him to give it to me on Thursday. And again, I reminded that I wasn't interested in anything but friendship.

When 500 Days of Summer came up, I was quite delighted to meet after ballet (is this a trend? seriously) for a film & dinner.

The movie was great. By being clear that I was solely interested in friendship, I made sure to pay my own way. Afterwards we went to Grendel's for dinner. Good conversation. Friend stuff. Laughing. Joking. This was a nice friend meeting. Maybe it could grow into more. He's great!

So he drove me home & I hopped out with a hug. About 94 seconds after getting in the door, I got a call.

Surgeon: You forgot your gift.

Me: Oh yeah! Whoops! (truth: i remembered to not remind him)

Surgeon: I'll swing back around.

So I walked out into a downpour. Stood outside the car. He said "no, come sit down I want you to open this up". So I did.

There was a card, which said something like "party on your birthday but remember that it causes damage, just look at this poor guy". Opening up the card, I found a mirror. Woah. That was weird & inappropriate. Reading the card, I found out some philosophical views I might not agree with. Namely that his advice to a 30-year-old was to realize that happiness is something you have to work hard at. Hhhmmm....

Whatever. So I reached into the bag & pulled out a ballet skirt. This floored me. How incredibly thoughtful? I felt like I'd over-thought and rationalized way too much. This amazing guy who isn't just a marathon-runner, yacht-racer, but listens to me & is thoughtful. Thoughtful. Wow.

So I leaned over and said "thank you for this! I've been meaning to buy another one" giving him a hug. He said "well, if it doesn't fit, we could take it back for a new size". Totally over-thought. Then I held up the skirt to see it more clearly. And rather than the ballet skirt I thought it was originally, found that it had a top with a skirt.

It's a nightie.

Immediately, I said something like "whattheidon'tohmygottago" and skipped out of the car & to my apartment. By skip, I mean sprint.

The roses he sent that week stayed unacknowledged.



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Whoa. That is QUITE a nighty.

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